Entry doors soundproofing: Choosing guide

  1. Factors affecting the soundproofing of iron front door
  2. Front doors soundproofing types
  3. How to soundproof an entry door: ways and methods
  4. Best option for front door soundproofing
    1. Door gasket
    2. Sealing the gaps
    3. Door sweep
    4. Weather stripping
  5. Other cheap ways to soundproof front door
  6. Soundproofing of iron exterior door
  7. Acoustic entry doors

Undoubtedly, quality soundproof front door should have good noise insulation. It gives an opportunity for proper rest and sleep. The absence of external noise is among the priority factors on which comfort in a house or apartment depends. Therefore, we will talk about materials for noise reduction and give the instruction to soundproof front door.

The reasons for poor sound insulation can be:

  • construction designed without noise protection;
  • the doorway;
  • the gapping between the door and the wall;
  • materials used.

That is why it is important to know how to soundproof entry door and what methods of soundproofing modern manufacturers offer.

Factors affecting the soundproofing of iron front door

To understand how to soundproof your front door, you should know that the insulation level of the door depends on various indicators. They include the following:

  • construction and material used;
  • presence of paneling;
  • type of filler and number of its layers;
  • sealing materials and the presence of door sweeps;
  • correct installation.

For example, hinged models have the highest noise suppression indices. Sliding and folding models are quite low.

Front doors soundproofing types

In order to isolate the room from unwanted sounds from the outside, multi-layered constructions with "sandwich" structure are used. It can be both metal front doors for blocking sound, and constructions from wood and its substitutes.

What type of entry doors is the most soundproof? One of the best types is solid core doors made of wood. Due to its properties, natural wood is the best sound blocker. It is achieved because there are no empty spaces inside the wood where vibrations can occur.

In addition, metal doors with increased sound insulation can be found on the door market. Owing to modern technologies, they ensure good noise reduction properties and air-tightness at the same time.

How to soundproof an entry door: ways and methods

To exclude constant noises and smells coming from outside, we offer instruction to soundproof entry door. There are several methods for solving this problem.

  • The easiest, but the most expensive way to soundproof entry door is to replace the existing model to the solid core front door with high noise insulation characteristics. This simple option requires high financing charge. You need to choose an online/store, select the model required and entrust the door installation to professionals.
  • The additional door installation will also help to reduce the noise level. This option is also expensive, although you can try to save money if you install the door without the help of professionals. However, we do not recommend installing yourself, because there is a risk of incorrect installation, which will cause additional costs for replacement.
  • The cheapest, but complicated way to soundproof exterior door is noise insulation on your own. You need creativity, tools for installation and sound-absorbing materials (you can buy them in local hardware stores).

All of the methods mentioned above are intended to protect the room from loud sounds and noises coming from the outside.

Best option for front door soundproofing

To achieve rapid and good insulation, the following options should be used to soundproof exterior door.

Door gasket. To improve the exterior door soundproofing, glue the door gasket around the perimeter of the doorway. Place it between the door and the frame along the jambs and head. Rubber, self-adhesive tapes and other adjustable gasketing can serve as door gaskets. Choose its thickness to ensure a tight opening/closing of the leaf. Make sure that the lock is closed easily.

Sealing the gaps. To eliminate gaps between the door leaf, frame and wall, the sealing can be applied. To fill up the gaps, you can use mounting foam or special putty. After drying, treat the seams and remaining holes with a caulking gun.

Door sweep. In some cases, door sweeps are installed for better sound insulation and sealing of the door. They close the gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor. The door sweeps prevent drafts and sound penetration into the room.

Weather stripping is a great way to protect your home from unnecessary noise. This is a self-adhesive strip of rubber or other material to seal the edges of the door from atmospheric influences, noise and odors. It is attached where the leaf meets the frame.

How to install? Remove the old stripping using a spatula. Then cut off the desired length and insert it into the doorframe. Make sure the leaf opens and closes completely without much effort.

Other cheap ways to soundproof front door

There are also a few easy ways to achieve a good noise insulation of the door in your apartment or house.

Use sound-absorbing paint. You can find it in the local hardware stores. Follow the instructions to paint the product correctly. Usually, this paint is almost identical to the ordinary one, but the layer can be slightly thicker.

Hang the soundproof curtains. This is one of the original and relatively inexpensive ways to soundproof the door. You can also buy them in the hardware stores. Owing to this method, you do not have to completely change the surface or reinstall it. Simply move the curtains to reduce the noise from the outside.

Soundproofing of iron exterior door

You can easily carry out additional soundproofing of the iron front door on your own. The easiest way is to reinforce the leaf. It can be either improvised means or special noise absorbing materials to soundproof front doors. For extra reinforcement, you can use wooden panels. You can also use MDF panels about half an inch thick. To reinforce the door leaf:

  1. remove the fittings from the surface;
  2. measure the panels of the necessary size;
  3. drill the holes for the fittings;
  4. degrease the metal surface;
  5. apply a layer of glue to the surface and the wood/MDF panel;
  6. attach the panel to the leaf and press it firmly;
  7. wait for complete drying;
  8. attach the door fittings back.

However, you will be able to achieve greater effect if you use a more complicated way of noise insulation of the door. Remove the inner sheet of the product and fill the internal space with sound-absorbing materials.

For the inner layer of the iron door you can use:

  • mineral wool;
  • foamed polyurethane;
  • sound absorbing foam.

Mineral wool reduces the intensity of noise and has a high degree of fire safety. Tip: To prevent mineral wool from sinking inside the leaf, you need a large number of stiffeners to fix it.

Polyurethane foam is a good material for soundproofing iron entrance doors. This porous polymer retains noise well and maintains its shape.

Sound absorbing foam is an easy-to-install insulation panels. They absorb or minimize extraneous noise.

Increasing the layers of noise-eliminating material leads to an increase in the level of soundproofing. It is important to ensure that the metal door fits tightly against the doorframe. This provides a proper leak tightness without gaps for better indices.

Acoustic entry doors

Metal entrance doors cannot always provide sufficient silence in the house. The best way to soundproof entry door in apartment or in private house is to install special acoustic front doors. They provide good noise insulation and protect sleep and health. Optimal values of soundproofing are achieved due to the special design of the leaf. It includes a specific insulating material and special sealants.

Using different materials, you can significantly reduce the noise level and achieve proper heat isolation and noise insulation of iron doors. This increases the level of comfort in the apartment and creates a comfortable atmosphere for a valuable rest. However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of self-soundproofing of the door, you can contact The Doors Depot. We specialize in selling high-quality models with excellent sound insulation and air-tightness. Cooperating with the Novo Porte brand, we offer reliable products at affordable prices.