How to install front door

  1. Tools required for easy installation of entry doors
  2. Process of exterior door installation
    1. Removing the old door
    2. Preparing the doorway
    3. Preparation of door leaf and frame
    4. Entry door frame installation
    5. Fastening the door frame
    6. Finishing
  3. Installing a pre-hung entry door
  4. Tips for installing front door

Safety, heat- and sound insulation at home depend not only on the chosen door. The quality installation of front door is also essential. You can insert it on your own, especially if you have experience in such kind of processes. Indispensable condition is a strict observance of the instructions and the technological process.

Therefore, if you want to install entry door by yourself, we are ready to share with you the recommendations of specialists.

Tools required for easy installation of entry doors

How to install entry door? Begin with the tools you need:

  • a hammer;
  • leveler;
  • screwdriver;
  • mounting foam or caulk;
  • nails and tie bolts;
  • wood shims;
  • tape measure;
  • painter's tape.

It can also come in handy:

  • drill and saw;
  • angle grinder;
  • cement mortar.

The required set of tools depends on various parameters. Among them, we can mention the material and thickness of the walls, the complexity of the work, the need to narrow or widen the doorway, and others.

Process of exterior door installation

Before the process of front door installation, choose a new door. Measure its parameters: width, height, thickness, etc. to make sure that it fits the already existing opening. For greater accuracy, measure the parameters of the old door to ensure that they match.

Stage 1. Removing the old door

The process of removing the old door should be as careful as possible. This helps to avoid damage of the opening and the appearance of cracks on the walls.

At first, remove the door leaf. Then remove the trim, jambs, frame, threshold; get rid of plaster, putty and caulking. Remove tie bolts or reinforcement bars. Carefully cut off the hinges and remove the door leaf.

Stage 2. Preparing the doorway

The prepared aperture to install entry door with own hands should be an inch wider than the door frame. It must necessarily be level to avoid further distortions and warps, so you should remove pieces of putty and other elements that may fall off.

Stage 3. Preparation of door leaf and frame

To prepare the door leaf for installation, check the operation of locks and other elements. Screw handles if necessary.

To avoid the door frame damage, it is necessary to seal it with painter's tape, if there is no protective film on it.

Stage 4. Entry door frame installation

Carefully insert the door frame into opening. Make sure it is firmly set in it. Using the leveler, insert the frame strictly horizontally and vertically.

Insert three shims between the wall and the frame from the hinge side. Add two shims on top and two additional shims from below. Verify whether there are any distortions, whether the structure has tilted.

Stage 5. Fastening the door frame

To fix the door frame in the opening, drill the holes on the hinge jamb, starting from the side where the hinges are located. Start drilling from the top. After each fastening, the accuracy of the installation should be checked using the level.

After you have fastened the frame, you can hang the door leaf.

If the frame does not bend, the door opens and closes freely. There should be no gaps in the closed position. If the slab does not close properly or the lock does not work, an additional adjustment is required.

If everything is fine, remove the leaf and finally tighten the fasteners. These are the main entry door installation instructions.

Stage 6. Finishing

Fill the gaps between the opening and the frame with a special sealant or mounting foam. This helps avoiding drafts and the penetration of smells through the gaps. Allow the seal to harden.

Then insert the casing, and attach the handles and accessories.

Installing a pre-hung entry door

If you have little experience, it is better to choose pre-hung doors. It allows you to deal simultaneously with the leaf and frame. What is the pre-hung door? This construction is already attached to the frame. Such a completely independent unit is equipped with a slab, hinges and a frame.

Tips for installing front door

The most important advice during the exterior door frame installation is to avoid warps and distortions of the construction. Verify the accuracy of all elements using the leveler at all stages up to the complete fixation of the frame in the opening.

Remove the old slab very carefully to avoid damage of the opening and the crack appearance.

Remember that the method of entry door installation by non-professionals takes more time. Calculate the approximate time you need. Otherwise, you may face with the problem when night has come and your door has not been inserted yet.

Remove the protective film from the door at the end of the process.

Test the accuracy. Slightly open the door at an angle of 45 degrees and leave it in this position for 15-20 seconds. Do the same for the 90 degrees angle. If it does not open / close itself, then the installation of the entrance door is made correctly.

If you have the experience and the necessary tools, you can install the entrance door on your own. However, if it is damaged, you will have to repair it at your own expense. Therefore, it is better to choose the door at The Doors Depot online store, and use professional installation of the front door.