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Popular materials of interior doors in the US

What materials are interior doors in the USA made of? What is the best interior door – wood, glass or MDF? All the answers are in our guide.

Steel front doors maintenance

The steel front door is a reliable construction consisting of many different parts and protective elements. How to maintain a steel front door to increase its service life?

Popular styles of interior doors

What are the most popular styles of interior doors? All answers in an exclusive guide from The Doors Depot.

How to maintain glazed doors

The usual wipe of the glass surface with a duster is not enough. How to maintain glazed doors?

Choosing doors for a nursery or children's room: tips and recommendations

How to select the best door for a nursery? What you should know before buying doors for a children's room?

Best interior door design ideas for a stylish home

The market presents a wide range of expensive and budget interior doors. Browse the most marketable models among buyers.

Front doors: coating & finishing options

The same door may look different if you use various materials for its finishing and decoration. What are the pros and cons of each type of coating?

Advantages of special-order entry doors

More and more people are willing to pay more for purchasing custom entrance doors. What are the advantages of special-order entry doors?

How to buy a custom front door

Special order exterior doors have various advantages. Let's find out how to buy a custom front door fast and profitably?

How to choose a double front door

Like their single-leaf analogs, double front doors provide the appropriate level of house protection. But how to choose a double front door?

Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges

Timely door maintenance ensures long operation of all its mechanisms. Follow the recommendations to ensure trouble-free operation of locks and hinges.

How to remove polyurethane foam after installation of the front door

Expanding foam serves to seal the seams and fixes the details quickly. However, sometimes it comes to removing the foam from different surfaces.

How to protect yourself from buying a low-quality door

The choice of the right door is formed from several factors. Find out how to protect yourself from buying a low-quality door.

Buying interior doors for your home - Tips from The Doors Depot

Online shopping is a simple and quick way of buying doors in NYC and NJ. Find out more about buying interior doors for your home online.

Advantages of glazed entry doors

The doors made of glass are gaining increasing popularity among owners of private houses. However, some consumers doubt about their safety and reliability.

Installing a pet door: what you should know

Find out how to install a cat or dog door. Different types of pet doors, instructions and installation guide.

Interior doors: care and maintenance tips

How to properly care and maintain for your interior doors? Find out maintenance tips and recommendations in this article.

How to choose a front door security camera

This ultimate security camera buying guide offers tips and recommendations to choose the perfect entry door security camera.

Apartment entrance door: tips for choosing

Our tips for choosing an apartment entrance door will help you to assure safety of the home. What to consider when buying an entry door to the apartment?

Choosing the right intercom for front door

How to choose entry door intercom - main criteria, construction, selecting instructions and tips in our buying guide.

How to select the best door handles

This door handles buying guide offers recommendations and tips on choosing the best front door handles.

Entry door problems: how to troubleshoot & fix

What are common front door problems? How to fix them fast and easy? Find useful info in this article.

Choosing front door hardware: doorbells

Everything you need to know about choosing doorbells for front door. The doorbells buying guide provides usefull buying tips & instructions.

How to decorate your door for winter & Christmas: door decor ideas

Interesting tips on decorating front entry doors for Christmas and winter. Read about dazzling door decor ideas.

How to install a peephole in your front door

Want to know how to choose and install a door viewer? Find answers in our door peepholes selection guide.

Choosing front door hardware: door knockers

Recommendations & tips on how to choose the right door knockers. The guide will tell you how to make your front door truly elegant.

Manufacturers of reliable entry doors

Who is the best manufacturers of front doors? All answers in exclusive guide from TheDoorDepot.

Where to buy front doors: online store or show room

How to choose and buy entry doors in show room or in online store? Find all answers in this guide.

Steel entry door in interior

Iron front door vs interior design, find useful decoration tips in our exclusive guide.

How to choose entry door lock

Find advices and recommendations to choose high quality exterior door lock in our guide.

Advantages of steel front doors

Guide help you to determine drawbacks and best sides of metal exterior doors.

How to check quality of entry doors while buying

Get advices to check front door quality for your home in this guide.

How to decorate entry doors: ideas and ornaments

This guide tell you how to make your design of entry doors truly unique and exclusive.

How to install front door

Learn about steps, types and methods of professional installation of front door in this guide.

Differences between budget and elite entry doors

Get all information about differences between cheap and elite front doors in our guide.

Comparison of wood and iron entry doors

Want to get a great item with reliable protection for your house or apartment? Guide help you to determine which door model is the best.

Entry doors soundproofing: Choosing guide

Learn all about protection of the house from loud sounds and noises coming from the outside in our guide.

Front door security: how to prevent break-ins

Guide help you choosing protected steel entry door with the greatest possible burglar resistance.

Material for front door

Want to know how to choose front door material? Find the answer in our exterior door material selection guide.

Front door design & style

How to choose a beautiful home front door design? Find actual entry door designs trends and exterior door design ideas in our guide.