Material for front door

  1. How to choose front door material
  2. What type of material is best for exterior door?
    1. Metal
    2. Wood
    3. Fiberglass
    4. Glass

How to choose front door material

The comfort and safety of tenants and property directly depends on the reliability and security of the door. Therefore, the question "what is the best material for front door" is very important.

Entrance doors to the house are exposed to more impact than the products installed in the apartment. This applies to both mechanical influences and natural phenomena: atmospheric precipitation, high humidity, etc. Therefore, when choosing material for front door you need to create and maintain favorable conditions for their long-term service.

What type of material is best for exterior door?

Today, basic material choices for entry doors are:

  1. metal;
  2. wood;
  3. fiberglass;
  4. glass.

Each of them has its own distinctive features and specific characteristics. Let's find out which entry door material is best.


Steel front door occupies a leading position in popularity on today's market. Using the best material for front doors, they are associated with reliability, strength and safety. Such qualities should have any entrance door. Talking about advantages, we can mention:

  • long-term operation;
  • no deformations under the influence of external factors;
  • excellent protective properties;
  • good resistance to fire and moisture.

Two- and three-leaf doors made of metal are a good protection for almost any home. However, they are more expensive than models having construction with one steel sheet. For greater reliableness, steel sheets shouldn't have welds, as they add brittleness and fragility to the structure. The welded surface is easy to damage by mechanical effect, and it can disperse in the place of welding. Therefore, solid steel sheets are ideal material for entry door.

One of the disadvantages is not very aesthetic appearance of the surface itself. The surface is brought to perfection during the manufacture to give it a noble appearance. For decoration, veneer or MDF panels, paint coatings or forged elements are used. It is worth mentioning that the steel doors have low sound and heat insulation. However, modern manufacturers consider these features and develop additional technical solutions. Quality constructions always have a layer of soundproof materials to neutralize these shortcomings.

However, the reliability and variety of options have led the metal entrance doors to the leaders in the market.


Wooden front door is also popular among consumers. The wide assortment found at The Doors Depot offers you both expensive and budget-friendly models. In connection with its naturalness, such products have a higher price than metal products. Nevertheless, remember that savings can affect the quality of the product.

Among the advantages of this popular material for entrance doors, experts especially appreciate:

First-rate soundproofing properties are the undoubted advantages of such products. You don't have to soundproof the leaf to avoid the noise from the street. Natural thermal insulation is also achieved due to the properties of the wood itself.

A quality product will serve you more than a dozen years. Moreover, if you choose stable and safety material for front doors such as oak, then the functional performance will improve over the years. Always select doors made from well-dried material. Otherwise, poorly dried products can dry up and lose shape.

Their drawbacks include a water-permeable structure. Due to this, such models can swell in conditions of high humidity. Doors made of wood tend to be affected by mold or fungi, and have a weak resistance to fire. However, these shortcomings are easily eliminated in modern manufacture. Manufacturers treat wood with special substances to make it resistant to various external factors. This allows creating a better product and thereby extending its service life.


Modern fiberglass entry doors are an excellent combination of durability, functionality and safety. Visually they are similar to ordinary wooden models, but at the same time, they are more durable. They look like metal ones, but unlike them are not subject to rotting.

So what is fiberglass? It is a profiled glass-fiber-reinforced plastic obtained by a pultrusion. With this special method, this material is simultaneously drawn and extruded out of a mass consisting of polyester resins and glass fiber. Therefore, the merits include:

  • no deformations;
  • resistance to rot and rust;
  • energy-efficiency;
  • a combination of durability and safety.

Doors made of fiberglass do not crumble or deform, therefore it is the best material for exterior door installed in wet climate or cold regions. A high degree of thermal insulation is achieved due to the presence of dense foam materials in the structure. Its strength is comparable with steel, but simultaneously this front door material is not afraid of corrosion or rotting. Such models require little maintenance: clean them regularly with a damp cloth.

The main disadvantage is a rather high price. The dents on the surface are barely visible, but the leaf can crack from strong mechanical influences. In addition, the surface may delaminate.


As the material for entry door, glass is rather rare occurrence. They aren't often found in homes and apartments, but they are actively used for commercial premises. Among the advantages are:

  • visual beauty;
  • the absence of deformations;
  • additional lighting of the room.

Modern glass is an extremely durable. Due to this, it is able to provide the reliability required for the entrance doors. Technology has moved far ahead, so now there are models with a glass resistant to various external influences and shocks.

The main disadvantage is a rather high price. After all, the most quality and reliable product is worth a lot of money. Avoid this option if there are small children at home. Despite its durability, the presence of such a door can give you psychological discomfort.

The design of the door can be different. The correct answer on the question "how to choose material for entry door" is the guarantee of the safekeeping of your property and your safety.