How to choose entry door lock

  1. Best front door locks: how to choose
  2. Types of locks for entry doors
  3. Advices to choose entry door lock

The reliability of the door and your home safety depend on the characteristics of the locking system. Its mechanism should be burglar-resistant and durable. How to choose the best locks? What characteristics do they have?

Best front door locks: how to choose

Choosing a reliable lock for exterior doors is not an easy task. First, you should pay attention to the security levels and resistance grades. In fact, these parameters reflect the longevity of the locking system. It indicates the number of opening /closing cycles before the lock wears out completely. The higher the grade, the more difficult it is to open.

  • Grade 1 (commercial)
  • Grade 2 (residential)
  • Grade 3 (residential)

The best entry door locks belong to Grade 1. They provide the maximum level of reliability and security.

The material of the product is another important parameter. Trustworthy manufacturers never use brittle metals due to their weak strength. High quality lock for exterior doors is always made of strong steel. Experts recommend buying products from European manufacturers. After all, they won consumer confidence by the reliability of their goods. Among the most popular are:

  • CISA (Italy);
  • Mul-T-Lock (Israel);
  • Mottura (Italy);
  • Kale (Turkey);
  • Abus (Germany);
  • Tesa (Spain).

Products of these manufacturers are made of stainless metals and alloys. The internal structure and mechanism of the front door lock provide the highest degree of safety. They are also suitable for all types of doors.

In addition to the material of manufacture and security levels, pay attention to the type of lock. There are different types to choose from, but deadbolts and knobs/levers are the most popular among the best exterior door locks. For greater dependability, specialists recommend installing several kinds. Their various mechanisms maximally secure the house or apartment from uninvited guests.

Types of locks for entry doors

Fittings for the entrance doors are presented quite extensively. Locks are a big part of this assortment. To find the best entrance door locks you have to come to know the particulars of each sort. It allows fully appreciating their advantages and shortcomings.

Various models that guarantee safety are available at the modern market. The customer can find cylinder lock for exterior doors, digital models, padlock, keyless lock for front doors and so on. However, as mentioned above, deadbolts, knobs and levers have become the most popular.

Deadbolts are a widespread option that provides maximum security. It is achieved by using a deadlatch. For greater convenience, most of the entry doors are pre-drilled for quicker and easier installation of the lock.

Knobs are the most common type, which is installed as an additional protection. The cost of exterior door lock is quite democratic. This option is safe and easy to install. A variety of colors and shapes allows installing it on almost any door.

Door levers are less reliable than knobs. They are easier to break with the help of brute force. However, this model is easy to use; it requires less effort to open/close/rotate. Such products often meet ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Handlesets include a deadbolt and thumbturn. Easily and quickly installed, it is a convenient lock for steel front doors. It comes in various configurations: one-piece or two-piece backplate or full plate.

Electronic lock for exterior doors is an innovative and convenient invention. It provides great control over access. In order to open the door you need a magnetic card, pin-code, remote control or other tricky device. However, this lock depends on electricity.

Advices to choose entry door lock

To find a secure product, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations to choose a front door lock.

  • Inspect the key and lock carefully before buying. It must be intact and with no defects. The case should have no scratches or dents.
  • The surface of the key must be smooth, without distortion. It ensures a smooth glide. The key should be easy to insert and rotate. There should be no grinding or other sounds.
  • Pay attention to the keyhole. It is better if it is narrow so that it would be impossible to slip a master key into it.
  • Read the instructions. Examine the technical characteristics and especially the security level. Select Grade 1 as it provides maximum safety.
  • Be sure to check all the documents, quality certificates and guarantee. Always check it regardless of what kind you acquire.

The Doors Depot specialists offer entry doors with quality locks. We have all the necessary documentation and provide expert advice. It will help you avoid difficulties in choosing such an important accessory for your door.