Front door security: how to prevent break-ins

  1. How to break the steel front door?
    1. Kicking or ramming
    2. Cutting of hinges
    3. Drilling
    4. Lock picking or use of skeleton keys
  2. Entrance door weak points
  3. The best ways to prevent breaking of front doors
  4. Security system of iron exterior doors

When choosing entrance doors, for most customers the security is the issue of primary importance. In this article, we'll consider the weak points of the construction and burglar break-in methods. Let's find out how to remove an entry door and what protection manufacturers offer.

How to break the steel front door?

Kicking or ramming. This is a method of brute force, in which an attacker tries to break iron front door with a ram, or strikes with his shoulder or legs. However, most often a similar method occurs with the help of a lifting jack. This way allows the strike plate to be torn off the frame. In this case, attackers can also act on hinges, trying to knock them down.

How to prevent? To secure the front door, you should choose the construction of increased strength and rigidity. The reinforced stiffeners (vertical and horizontal) and the thickness of the metal are also good protection in this case.

Cutting of hinges. This method is rare since it is quite a noisy occupation.

How to prevent? Make sure of correct installation and absence of gaps between the frame and the wall. Powerful jambs and high rigidity of the leaf, together with the durability of the materials used, can also secure the door from break-in.

Drilling. One of the universal methods of breaking requires a high degree of burglar's skills. It is noisy, although the most experienced burglars can open the protected iron entry door quite quickly, so people would not pay attention to it.

How to prevent? Use special strike plates. The fittings must be made of upscale materials. The safety fittings and a strong metal leaf will perfectly protect locks from such force impacts.

Lock picking or use of skeleton keys. This intelligent method of lock opening is noiseless and usually works for simple mechanisms. However, it requires the skill of the burglar, a prepared set of tools and suitable keys.

How to prevent? Equip the door with high quality and reliable locks from well-known manufacturers.

Entrance door weak points

In order to get into the house or apartment, the criminals use different variants. Experts point out that any product has weak points. Each model contains parts and details subject to destruction. It can be:

  • poor-quality thin leaf;
  • locks and locking systems;
  • the hinges;
  • a perimeter of the doorway.

To prevent an apartment breaking and protect your family and property, you need to know how to prevent burglary and strengthen these entry door weak spots.

The best ways to prevent breaking of front doors

Entrance doors must perform excellent protective functions. To secure the home from burglary, it is worth observing some rules.

Choose a solid core front door. It is preferable if the product is made of steel. The steel sheet should be 0.08-0.11 inches in thickness; otherwise, the criminals can easily open it.

Strengthen the jambs. If your home seems unprotected, then strengthen the jamb with a strike plate.

Change the hinges to avoid entrance door breakthrough. If the hinges are weak and the construction begins to sag, then change them to stronger and safer ones.

Install the model that opens outswing, so it won't be possible to knock it out.

Install several locks with different mechanisms. Choosing the best locks for metal entry doors, you provide excellent protection for your home. The burglar understands that product with modern locks of different security levels is difficult to open.

Think over good lighting. A housebreaker is unlikely to want to crack your door if your house and yard or apartment is well lit.

Install electronic surveillance and alert systems. Such systems include closed circuit television, alarms, motion detectors, various cameras, etc.

Security system of iron exterior doors

Safety is one of the main characteristics when choosing a protected steel entry door. It can be beautiful, unique, but it must provide complete security of the home. Remember that the burglar-resistance is affected by different parameters:

  • the thickness of metal;
  • the rigidity of the whole structure;
  • availability of quality fittings;
  • correct installation.

All these factors must be balanced to provide the ideal security system for any front door. A quality product made of good metal has a rigid construction with high-grade hinges and locks. That is why well burglar-resistant models are quite expensive, but it is worth it.

The Doors Depot is committed to providing your home with the greatest possible protection. Protected metal front doors in our assortment have a high level of burglar resistance. Manufacturers we cooperate with pay maximum attention to safety parameters to prevent intruders from entering your home. Every product is carefully checked during manufacture. This allows achieving reliability and providing safety, both to the tenants of the house and to the property. In addition, we want our prices to be accessible to the maximum number of consumers.