How to paint a front door

  1. Front door painting guide: Choose the paint
  2. How to paint a front door: Choose the color
  3. Rules for painting an entrance door
  4. How to paint a front door without removing it?
  5. How to paint a wooden entry door
  6. How to paint a metal front door
  7. Exterior door painting tips

Caring owners often ask how to paint a front door? After the lapse of years, its appearance fades and becomes unpresentable. Therefore, it's a great idea to return the door its original appearance. And we will tell you how to do it fast and secure.

Front door painting guide: Choose the paint

You can find a wide variety of materials on sale now. Make the right choice when answering the question of how to paint a front door. For that you need to understand what types of dyes are available.

  • Water-based paints are the most convenient. They are easily mixed, quickly dry and create a quality coating. To date, a huge selection presents opaque, glossy and even transparent shades to emphasize the structure of the wood.
  • Latex paints are well applied to almost any surface. The exception is the surfaces with glossy dyes.
  • Acrylic protects the doors from moisture. They are also resistant to minus temperatures.
  • Oil-based paints are easy to use, they have an affordable price, but it takes more time to get them dry.
  • Enamels are characterized by more durable and smooth coating. Their properties usually depend on the drying regime.
  • Lacquers form a solid film after drying. Their choice is great; they can be matte, glossy, colored. The distinctive feature is a good visibility of the texture of the wood. Therefore, if the door has undergone restoration using putty, it is better to abandon their use.

How to paint a front door: Choose the color

The choice of color for dyeing front doors is a rather complicated process. This issue becomes even more difficult if the shade is to be combined with other tones or patterns. To choose the right shade, make sure the new door color is compatible with the overall decor of the room. To do this, make a trial painting. Apply the dyes on a small section of the door (preferably in a barely visible corner) and wait for it to dry completely. Estimate the result. If you liked it, it means that the shade is chosen correctly.

Rules for painting an entrance door

To ensure that the result of painting the front door would please you for a long time, it is necessary to know the entrance door painting tips about preparatory work. The basic rule is the need for thorough preparation of the surface.

Removable parts (such as door handles, peepholes, hasp locks, etc.) should be removed from the door leaf. If some items cannot be removed (for example, glass inserts or ornaments), cover them with a film or a tape.

Be sure to remove traces of the old paint with a chisel or a metal brush. The door should also be treated with sandpaper for good adhesion of the surface and the dye. For best results, degrease the surface for durability of the coating.

The final touch is the priming of the surface. The primer provides a good base for applying the paint. When using the primer the final result will be better.

After completing all the preparatory stages, you can start applying the selected paint to the door leaf. To achieve the best result, it is better to cover the door with several layers of dyes. Do not forget to completely dry each layer.

How to paint a front door without removing it?

Sometimes there are options when you cannot remove the door from the hinges. How to paint a metal front door without removing it? In this case, the dyeing should be made in an upright position. For convenience, fix the door in a handy position. Begin from top to bottom, and first with the ends. After dyeing, it is necessary to let the layer dry out. Then you can avoid drips and other irregularities.

How to paint a wooden entry door

The question of how to paint a front entry door made from wood will surely arise, if you decide to renovate or restore the old entrance doors. Remember that the lifetime of wooden doors depends on the choice of dyes. The wooden door is exacting in terms of finishing works. The natural wood requires particularly qualitative surface preparation.

If you want to paint the wooden front door, choose a material that is not afraid of atmospheric influences and changes in precipitation. You can use a special oil-based varnish or other types of coatings. The main thing is to make sure that the chosen coating does not spoil the natural appearance of the door. Carefully read the label, there is usually all detailed information.

How to paint a metal front door

The question "how to paint a steel front door" concerns many owners of such models. Modern steel doors are the most practical and reliable designs. However, their appearance is not always beautiful. So if you want to upgrade an old entrance door, you can dye the product.

This process has practically no special nuances. The only requirement is to choose the right type of dye and carry out the preparatory work. Only in this case, you can be sure that you will get the perfect result.

Thinking about how to properly paint a steel entry door, you need to consider the location and climate of your region.

  • If these are doors to a house, remember that they are constantly exposed to ultraviolet, precipitation and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, you should select the types of coatings with protective properties.
  • If you are the owner of a door in an apartment building, it is worth remembering that such models can be subjected to mechanical influences. Therefore, you should choose the dyes that are resistant to scratches.

Before painting the metal door, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, use a sponge with a special solvent. If there is rust, be sure to remove it, otherwise the dye may lie unevenly.

Exterior door painting tips

Do you want the result to be the best? We picked up a few tips on how to paint your front door quickly and efficiently.

Always pay attention to the safety of the dye. For the entrance door, you should choose a cover that fully provides a protective function in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes.

Choose a primer a few tones lighter than the final coating. In this case, its color will not affect the desired result, which you get.

The door case should be painted after the door leaf. It is dyed in a certain sequence: begin with the vertical crossbeams, then the upper beam and the casings at the end.

Iron and metal doors should be painted in several layers. Be sure to dry each layer of the due, at least for 30 minutes.

It is not recommended working during rain, snow or at minus temperatures.