Steel front doors maintenance

 Steel front doors maintenance


Nowadays, the steel door is not a piece of metal. It is a reliable construction consisting of many different parts and protective elements. Therefore, there are useful secrets for its operation and maintenance to increase the service life.

Steel front doors maintenance


The reasons for the door failure

You should familiarize yourself with the design of the door and its parts to comprehend all the nuances of care and maintenance. The front door construction includes:

  • metal doorframe with recesses for deadbolt;
  • the door leaf/slab;
  • the insulating material that performs heat preservation and soundproofing functions;
  • the hinges;
  • locking system.

The door structure may contain extra elements. However, they do not affect the overall technical condition and have a decorative function.


Steel door hardware care

The details subject to friction need lubrication. It is necessary to lubricate hinges and mechanisms of the lock regularly, preferably during the season change. Any lubricant loses its properties at various temperatures; it becomes liquid in the heat and thickens in the cold.

The locks and hinges are the general parts susceptible to failure. These mechanisms require proper care.

Steel front doors maintenance


Door lock maintenance

It is important to lubricate locks used in front doors. Special attention is required for locks on the doors in cottages and country houses used at times. Experts recommend using a lubricant aerosol spray: it is more economical and convenient. Apply them periodically, several times a year. Always read the instructions on the label.

TIP! Consult the supplier of the lock before self-lubricating the latch mechanism. Some manufacturers forbid to lubricate locks of premium grades. Always look for such information on the packaging to avoid damage.

Steel front doors maintenance


Maintenance of hinges

How to lubricate the door hinges? Slightly lift the door leaf using a special pinchbar. Apply the lubricant to the hinge pin or the hinge itself. Ask a strong tough friend to lift the door if you have no pinchbar :)

Do not lubricate every inch of the hinge; one dab is quite enough. In the process of exploitation, the lubricant will spread throughout the surface.


Steel front doors maintenance

Maintenance of door gasket

The seals and rubber gaskets are one of the most vulnerable places on steel front doors. The door lets in drafts and unpleasant odors from the street in case of their wear and tear. Due to the loss of elasticity, the seals cease to function properly. How to keep this element in good condition? Specialists recommend treating it with silicone grease once every 1–2 months. Keep door gasket and weather stripping clean of grease and dirt to ensure proper sealing.

TIP! Use silicone spray for greater convenience.


One more essential tip

Do not forget to wipe the door surface and all moving parts regularly. Wash the metal surface with water and mild soap, then use soft cloths and wipe it dry. Applying a furniture wax periodically is also a perfect solution to increase the service life of the steel entry door.


Steel front doors maintenance