Steel Front Doors

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The issue of security today is one of the most relevant when buying a new door. Therefore, you should approach its choice with special attention. The leading model in today's market is the steel entry doors. Because of the large assortment, the consumer may have difficulties which one to buy. Therefore, to purchase a high quality and reliable product you should follow professional advice from experts.

Construction of steel front doors

Before choosing steel entry doors, you need to come to know the particulars of its construction. Usually it consists of:

  • rectangular door case and casing;
  • frame with stiffeners;
  • steel sheets;
  • heat and sound insulation materials;
  • rubber seals;
  • hinges and locks;
  • handles and peepholes.

The exterior part of the leaf is often decorated with panels made of natural wood, veneer or laminate.

How to choose the right metal front doors

Good and reliable metal exterior doors are designed to provide protective functions for housing. This applies to resistance to physical strength, so the structure must have high durability. Resistance to the so-called "intellectual break-in" is determined by the complexity of locks and locking systems. Therefore, do not save on upscale locks from world manufacturers. In addition, reliable product should withstand other various non-standard effects: atmospheric precipitation, mechanical scratches and so on.

Quality metal doors for sale provide high functionality and protects against the external environment. Pay special attention to good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties. Most experts recommend choosing models with quality internal filler. Then you would get rid of extraneous sounds, noise from the street, unpleasant odors and drafts.

Excellent metal entry doors and all its parts must certainly be dependable. Always ask the venders for a guarantee on the products they sell. After all, the certificate of quality is a document that confirms that you buy a really good and reliable model. It should not squeak, knock or have unpleasant odors.

The environmental safety is worthy of mention. A trustworthy item should always be made of environmentally friendly materials, without the use of toxic substances.

In order to choose proper steel doors in New York, it is necessary to understand what requirements you make on the product. On this basis, you should choose which characteristics will be of primary importance for you, and which ones are secondary.

Protective properties of steel entrance doors

Typically, the high protective properties are provided by the correct construction of the leaf and other elements.

Indicators of strength and sound insulation of the steel are kept at a high level. It highlights this material against the background of others. The thickness of the metal frame is also of great importance. The thicker the sheet, the more dependable is the construction. Optimal thickness measures are 0.07-0.11 inches. This is enough to ensure that the steel doors for sale has excellent burglarproof qualities, and could function properly.

To increase the mechanical characteristics, stiffeners are used in the structure. They create a strong frame and reduce the possibility of deformation of the leaf. This increases the door's resistance to mechanical damage, and therefore improves the resistance to burglary. Specialists say that 5-6 stiffeners are optimum in the structure. This number is sufficient for the normal functioning of the leaf. A larger amount of stiffeners causes an increase in the weight of the structure, which negatively affects the hinges. Moreover, it leads to rapid wear and short life of the item.

The overall stability to mechanical strength is important, but not the only decisive characteristic. The locks determine the burglary resistance of the metal entrance doors. Therefore, if you want to get a reliable product that will protect your home, do not save on high-grade locks.

Choosing heat - and sound insulation of steel doors for home

Modern metal doors in NJ and NYC should meet all existing standards for comfortable living. Therefore, heat-insulation and soundproofing are one of the main criteria in choosing. To achieve high insulation characteristics metal front doors for homes are distinguished by several parameters:

  • the correct manufacture (each element should tightly attach to each other);
  • filling the inside of the leaf with heat-insulating materials;
  • installation of decorative panels;
  • using a sealant around the perimeter of the door.

Quality insulating materials, which fill the inner part, perfectly cope with its task. Try not to increase the weight of the construction to avoid its rapid wear. The most common options for insulating materials are polyurethane foam and mineral wool.

An additional option of soundproofing is the presence of decorative panels. Due to their usage, a good noise reduction is achieved. Most often manufacturers use natural wood or MDF, as they effectively extinguish sound vibrations.

Exterior finish of steel doors in NYC & NJ

To create a unique surface, manufacturers usually plank the steel sheet surface with decorative panels. They can be made of natural wood (veneered), or made of MDF and covered with a laminate or special film. The solid wood panels are varnished to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. Prices for such panels vary and depend primarily on the material used.

Guarantees and buying steel doors online

Any, even the most high-grade product, requires highly qualified service. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to focus not only on the purchased items, but also on the seller or the manufacturer. When shopping steel entry doors online examine the warranty policy of the company. Learn more about the history of the online store and read reviews from other buyers. It is a guarantee that you purchase a quality product, which would serve you for many years.