How to repaint a front door

  1. How to repaint a front door
  2. How to repaint a metal front door
  3. Entry door repainting tips
  4. How to repaint a front door without removing it

If your front door has lost its original appearance, do not part with it. It might serve you again! To do this, you just need to repaint it. As a result, you will receive a completely new door. And besides this you can save a lot of money instead of buying a new one.

How to repaint the front door: Painting technology

To repainting a front door, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • primer;
  • approximately 1 quart of paint;
  • paint roller;
  • brushes;
  • sandpaper;
  • sharp scraper;
  • paint tray;
  • a table or a stepladder (to put the door, after you removed it from the hinges);
  • film or paper (not to stain everything around).

Before asking how to repaint your front door, you need to carry out the preparatory work. Otherwise, the result will not bring you any pleasure.

How to repaint a front door: Preparatory work

The main requirement is a careful preparation of the door surface for painting.

  1. First, remove the removable fittings - locks, handles, peepholes, and so on.
  2. Elements that cannot be dismantled must be covered with film or paper.
  3. Remove layers of old paint with a sharp scraper.
  4. After removing them, the door is sanded and polished using sandpaper.
  5. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dust.
  6. In special cases, you can use a damp cloth, but then it will be necessary to dry the surface of the door leaf.
  7. If you find any holes, cracks or other defects, they should be filled with spackle.
  8. After cleaning and leveling, you can start painting.

How to repaint an entry door: Door painting

To achieve an even coloration, the process is carried out in several stages:

  1. First, with a roller or brush, a primer layer is applied, which ensures the adhesion of the door surface to the dye.
  2. After drying, the applied primer layer is ground using sandpaper.
  3. Remove dust and other small debris after the grinding.
  4. A layer of paint is applied to the door. Do not forget to let it dry.
  5. After drying the first coat of dye, it is recommended to paint the door leaf again. This will provide an ideal surface, where there will be no uncolored or poorly painted areas.
  6. For best results, leave the door completely dry for a day or two.

How to repaint a metal front door

After long-term operation, even the most high-quality metal doors need updating. Therefore, there is a logical question - how to repaint a steel front door with your own hands? One of the common mistakes during painting is applying the dye over the old coating. But it is more correct to start painting only after removing the existing layer of dyeing auxiliary.

Therefore, in order to correctly answer the question "how to repaint a steel entry door," you must first carry out the preparatory work. In principle, such door is painted according to the technology mentioned above, but there are some nuances in the surface preparation:

  • the old dye must be removed - you can use a special wash or a metal brush, depending on what the door was painted;
  • if there is rust on the surface, it's necessary to clean it with sandpaper;
  • degrease the surface for better adhesion;
  • the final touch is the primer application;
  • after applying the first coat of dye, wait 30-60 minutes and repeat this operation.

After the surface of the metal door has dried, you can begin assembling the removed elements and fittings.

Entry door repainting tips

Do you want to achieve an excellent result? Use this front door repainting guide.

Tip 1. For convenience, it is recommended to paint the edges first, and then to cover the center of the door.

Tip 2. The correct painting technique is from top to bottom.

Tip 3. To make the door surface smooth, it's better to use several layers of the dye. After the paint dries completely, apply the next layer in the opposite direction from what was originally used.

Tip 4. The paneled and framed doors should be painted in the direction of the fibers to avoid the appearance of streaks. Use a certain order. First, paint the panels and grooves, then the front surface, the central cross-bars, and at the very end the vertical and horizontal crossbeams of the frame.

Tip 5. If you decide to putty joints and holes on the door, do it neatly. Otherwise, damage can be seen under a layer of new dye.

Tip 6. If you don't want a new brush to leave hairs on the painted surface, first it needs to be disheveled. Otherwise you have to remove the hairs from the already painted door.

How to repaint a front door without removing it

There are situations when the door leaf cannot be dismantled. If you ask yourself how to repaint a metal entry door without removing it, then there is a solution. You need to block the door to paint any part of it. Fixing the door in a certain position helps to prevent accidental closing, as it can lead to damage to the undrained layers of the dye.