Comparison of wood and iron entry doors

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of wooden front doors
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of steel front doors
  3. Comparison of wooden or iron exterior door for apartment
    1. Strength
    2. Environmental safety
    3. Resistance to moisture and rotting
    4. Fire resistance
    5. Design and visual appeal

Almost every buyer asks how to choose between steel and wooden front doors. After all, each of us worries about the comfort at home and the family members' safety. At the same time, customers do not always know what performance characteristics these products have.

Since today a large number of different models can be found on the market, we should compare wooden and steel front doors. This will help to determine which one is the best for your home. To get a great item with reliable protection for your house or apartment, it is worthwhile to compare their benefits and find weak points.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden front doors

What about pros and cons of wooden entry doors? Reliable entrance doors have the following preferences:

  • ecological compatibility and naturalness;
  • good level of heat and noise insulation;
  • a variety of natural shades and textures.


  • susceptibility to humidity;
  • sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • poor resistance to mechanical effects;
  • the need for restoration when improperly cared.

This sort of doors gives the room a stylish and presentable look. Speaking about the specifications of wooden exterior doors, we must mention the great environmental friendliness of the product. Since it is a natural material, you cannot worry about its safety. It is an excellent solution for a home with small children or people with poor health living in.

A wide variety of textures and natural colors allows you to find a unique product that perfectly fits into a certain interior and facade of the house. Unfortunately, the service life of the entrance door from wood does not exceed 10-12 years. This is because the material is exposed to atmospheric phenomena, even after special treatment. Though there are models from valuable wood species, which can serve much longer, however the price for them will be higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of steel front doors

Let's talk about pros and cons of steel entrance doors. Among the benefits of metal structures, it should be noted:

  • durability;
  • resistance to various deformations;
  • better burglar resistance.

Among the shortcomings are:

  • possibility of corrosion and rust;
  • heavier construction due to the presence of iron elements;
  • thin steel sheets are easy to pierce with a sharp object.

Speaking about the specifications of steel entry doors, specialists mention that such models have the best soundproof characteristics in comparison with wooden ones. This is achieved owing to the internal filling of the structure with insulating materials. The same applies to thermal insulation.

Metal doors are not exposed to direct sunlight and humidity. The surface and exterior finish are not deformed during operation. Therefore, the service life of iron door is larger than the item made of wood. Such goods have a high rigidity, since they are made of high-quality steel. Due to this, they have excellent burglar resistance characteristics.

Comparison of wooden or iron exterior door for apartment

In order to understand the difference of steel and wooden front doors, a comparative analysis of both types of goods should be made.

  • Strength

Metal surpasses many other materials in mechanical strength. You need to use a special bench work tool to break such a product.

Wood is a material that is more susceptible to mechanical influences, it is easier to break, knock it out or cut it with an ax.

  • Environmental safety

Health protection should be mentioned when we want to compare wooden and steel entry doors.

In themselves, steel doors represent no danger to health. However, their fillers or coatings may contain dangerous substances.

Wood doors are made of natural materials. If manufacturer uses sustainable paints and varnishes, such products are considered safe for the environment and human health.

  • Resistance to moisture and rotting

Iron that hasn't been treated with an anti-corrosion coating is also exposed to moisture or corrosion.

The wood is more vulnerable to the effects of various microorganisms, even after treatment with special chemical compositions.

  • Fire resistance

Steel doors are considered a reliable barrier during the fire spread.

Wooden doors are fire-hazardous, even when they are treated with flame retardants.

  • Design and visual appeal

Elite models from solid wood can serve as works of art. They are distinguished by a unique design and refined carving to harmoniously fit into the interior of the classic or transitional styles.

Metal doors can also have an interesting design and include forged items to attract the attention of your guests.

It is significant to underline that the choice of steel or wooden entry doors for house is wide enough. Quality goods are designed in different colors. Therefore, even the most exacting customer will easily find an excellent product suitable for his/her home or apartment. Moreover, if you contact specialists at The Doors Depot online store, you will definitely select the perfect exterior door for your home.

Evidently, iron structures have a little more advantages. However, there are strong and weak points of steel entry doors as well. Therefore, pay attention to well-known manufacturers when choosing. Doors from reputable brands have a longer service life and reliable features.