Front door design & style

  1. Design of entry door. How to choose its style?
  2. Actual design trends and entry door design ideas
  3. Types of style of front doors
    1. Classic style
    2. Modern style
    3. Scandinavian style
    4. Craftsman style
    5. Ultra-modern and minimalism
    6. American style

Design of entry door. How to choose its style?

The design of the front doors allows creating a harmonious appearance of the space and facade of the home. It also permits achieving unity of aesthetic and functional characteristics. However, the choice of a suitable design is rather complicated. After all, in order to create a harmonious space, you need to solve the issue of current fashion trends and the functionality. So, how to choose a beautiful entry door?

Actual design trends and entry door design ideas

The attractive appearance of any front door is one of its important characteristics. First, the home front door design completes the interior and outer space. Secondly, the chosen style reflects the status and taste of the owner of the premises.

Remember that among the current trends in the front door designs, the functionality plays a significant role. The surface from the outside and inside can be different, so it is relevant to choose the style that harmoniously fits both the interior and the facade of the house or apartment. Do not forget that the outer part of the leaf should be not only beautiful. It should be resistant to the effects of natural phenomena and any mechanical damage as well.

Modern trends and entry door design options use different ways of decoration. You can use the following ideas:

  • plank the surface with decorative panels;
  • add insets from mirrors or glass;
  • add forged iron elements;
  • insert artistic stained glass into the leaf.

Of course, the price can vary depending on style and decoration. However, the original entrance doors have high cost, but they allow creating a unique product that shows your character and status.

Types of style of front doors

The style and design of front door is based on several points. This choice is determined by:

  • the location of the exterior door (house, apartment, cottage);
  • overall interior design.

Classic style. Among the most popular front door styles and designs is the classics, that is timeless and always in a trend. Owing to the combination of straight and curved lines, such models look elegant and quite presentable. Most often, the products in the classical style are made of wood or metal in brown shades. The most common color palette includes brown, beige, brownish-red, mahogany, ivory and white. The design is characterized by using of various ornaments or glass inserts. In addition, forged elements of iron or metal, grilles, monograms and other are used for decoration.

Modern style. House entry door design in Art Nouveau often has a very fashionable and laconic appearance. Modern style implies the use of clear colors, due to which the leaf looks rather severe. The color scheme usually includes white, gray, anthracite, black, wenge, smoky or gray oak. Brown shades are used quite rarely; they are typical for classic models.

Often, such models are finished with natural wood or veneer. The veneering with valuable wood species makes the door an exquisite decoration of the interior with a minimal amount of decor items. Simple forms of such products add strict proportionality to the facade of the house.

Scandinavian style. The design of entry door is inspired by the snowy expanse of Scandinavia. Therefore, it is imbued with coldness and modesty, with a minimal amount of decor. Characteristic features are simplicity and usage of clean lines. To create a touch of modernity, natural wood can be used in combination with glass or chrome-plated metal.

Doors design in the Scandinavian style is an excellent solution for lovers of naturalness. Simple and natural materials perfectly harmonize with natural tones. The color palette consists of light hues: beige, grayish, and a lot of white. To create a Scandinavian interior, you can use painted white doors or models in gray oak color.

Craftsman style. Today, one of the popular types of front door designs is Craftsman. Various materials of natural origin are used for their production. The lining with veneer from valuable wood species is an integral part of this style. It combines different classical elements. The Craftsman is a blend of Victorian classics and country simplicity. Much attention is paid to the decor and various details. A characteristic feature of Craftsman doors is the use of natural shades: brown, red, terracotta tones are dominant.

Ultra-modern and minimalism. Such exterior door styles are an excellent solution for contemporary interiors. Straight lines and precise geometric proportions characterize them. The most common materials for production are metal and modern synthetic components. Such products can have interesting decorative elements, made in the Art Nouveau style.

Quite popular are mirror surfaces, inserts from glossy or matte glass. Natural colors in neutral shades are often used. The most common are contemporary models in white, bleached oak, silver, pearl gray, beige. A black handle, peephole or hinges may become an interesting element.

American style offers interesting entrance door design ideas. These products are mainly constructed of wood, although they are more relevant for internal rooms than for the entry. Glass inserts located on the right and left sides, and above complement their look. Speaking of the colors of American exterior doors, the gamma of neutral tones prevails here. The color is usually white: bright hues are very rare.

The Doors Depot has a large selection of front doors, suitable for almost any style of interior and facade. Here you can find the modern entrance model North 70 in anthracite with a glass insert; or the traditional Lazio model with a wrought-iron grille in gold oak with patina; as well as a transitional Liverpool door in dark oak with a SteelTex coating.