Anthracite front doors

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In recent years, the anthracite front doors have become attractive to many fans of saturated and unusual shades. They also gained popularity among professional designers for their saturation and color depth. They harmoniously fit into any interior and give a special charm to the facade of any house. This is achieved due to their versatility – being in harmony with dark tones, they advantageously emphasize light hues.

You can find anthracite front doors in NYC & NJ without leaving your home. The catalog of our online store presents an interesting selection of models in this unusual color. We are sure that you can always find the appropriate product. But if the choice leads to problems, our team described the basic nuances that help you to choose and buy anthracite exterior doors.

What is anthracite?

This deep color has a captivating shade from dark gray and dusty black to coal with black overtones. Its matte or glossy luster enhances the stunning effect this tint produces.

Varieties of shades. Currently, the anthracite combines various tones of wood and synthetic materials. Due to this, anthracite entry doors can have different hues, allowing them to fit perfectly into the interior as well as the exterior of a house or apartment. Many designers and color specialists consider this tint to be universal. Therefore, it will look harmonious in almost any space.

A distinctive feature of anthracite composite front doors is ease of visual perception. Despite their gloominess, the person is not oppressed by dark hue. Are you still afraid to choose such a model for your home even with all the advantages this product has? Then there is an interesting solution! A common option is a combination of dark and light tones. Manufacturers often produce the outer surface in anthracite with an inner panel of light colors. This game of contrasts looks juicy and winning, and simultaneously matches different facades and hallways.

Characteristics of anthracite exterior doors

When choosing, remember that such products are:

  • versatile and practical;
  • harmoniously combined with almost any shade;
  • give a solemnity to the facade;
  • add stylishness to the interior;
  • do not require special care.

Such products are easy to use, since many types of contaminants are barely visible on the surface. Therefore, you do not have to constantly wipe and clean them.

How to choose anthracite front entry doors

To choose a reliable door, you should formulate your demands. Determine what qualities you really need, and which ones are not obligatory. At The Doors Depot you can buy anthracite entry doors online to facilitate your choice and save your time. We work with trustworthy manufacturers who provide only the best products made in compliance with all stages of production.

The structure of anthracite exterior doors in USA can be made of different materials: steel, wood, fiberglass. Our manufacturers offer products with various coatings ranging from water-resistant MDF to laminated sheets of galvanized steel. Surfaces can be trimmed with veneer, laminate or decorative laminated film. Reliable steel gives the construction a high level of security, and external coatings allow you to select a product that easily fits into your house or apartment.

Due to the wide variety of materials used anthracite front entry doors prices vary. Owing to this, you can find a model that doesn't put a dent in your budget, but allows providing the necessary reliability and security. In addition, interesting color solutions, decoration and trimming help you to create the exterior and interior of your dreams.