Galvanized steel with a decorative renolit front doors


To create comfortable and safe conditions in a house or apartment, the owner must take into account a number of requirements. The choice of the entrance door is of no small importance for the realization of these parameters. Climatic conditions of the regions are different. Therefore, an upscale product should be resistant to temperature changes, high humidity and adverse weather conditions. It must keep heat in the premises and prevent the penetration of noise and drafts into the house.

Wooden and metal models cannot cope with these tasks in full measure. Under the impact of direct sunlight, wooden products lose their air-tightness and deform. Metal items can be covered with rust under the influence of moisture and steam. That's why non-freezing galvanized steel front doors with a decorative Renolit will be the best option for any premises. These innovative models are suitable for private houses and apartments, cottages and townhouses, office spaces and public buildings. Let's see what advantages these products have, and why they have become undeniable leaders in sales.

What is Renolit?

This innovative coating has protective and ornamental functions. It has an anti-vandal effect and imitates the texture and color of valuable wood species. Manufactured using SST (Solar Shield Technology), this facing protects the leaf from superheat, fading in the sun and deformation. The best galvanized steel front entry doors with a decorative Renolit will not change their appearance during the service life, even in the sun, rain, wind and frost.

Thus, the North model with such coating is resistant to corrosion and does not freeze through. It perfectly preserves heat under temperature changes and high humidity, being the best choice for regions with cold unstable climate.

Why choose the galvanized steel entry doors with a decorative Renolit?

The entrance doors with such type of coating are distinguished from the numerous products on the market by their innovative advantages. They include:

  • increased security;
  • reinforced construction;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • elegant design.

In addition, such models have:

  • excellent heat insulation;
  • good sound-proofing properties;
  • reliable locking system.

These products combine a reinforced design with a multi-level protection system. It includes hidden stiffeners, anti-removable crossbars and girders, reliable combinations of locks from the world's best manufacturers and much more. Galvanized steel entry doors with a decorative Renolit in USA are characterized by high energy efficiency and excellent corrosion resistance. The design of the leaf does not freeze through, and aluminum thresholds with a thermal insert do not rust and prevent the cold from penetrating into the house.

Multi-layer insulation provides peace and comfort in the premises. Moisture and cold air do not penetrate in the hermetic joints of the leaf and the box. Due to this, excellent heat and noise insulation is achieved. Reliable locks with different mechanisms perfectly complement each other in their protective properties and guarantee a long service life.

Minimalist and elegant design is another advantage. The construction is supplemented with double-glazed windows of tempered glass or fiberglass. There are interesting models decorated with three-dimensional ornamental elements and patina/greening. Such products look presentable and noble both inside and outside.

Where to buy galvanized steel entry doors with a decorative Renolit?

If you care about comfort and safety at home, purchase such products at The Doors Depot. In our online store we have an interesting selection of innovative products with different modifications of the leaf and an attractive color palette.