Arctic Double Exterior Front Door
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Arctic Double Exterior Front Door

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Arctic Double Exterior Front Door is designed to enrich the entrance area of your house

Doorway Size


To order a special size door, you need to know the exact size of the doorway in your house (width, height, depth)

Determining your Door Size
(for the single and double door configurations)

Rough discovery measurement

First, measure the width between the studs of the entryway three times. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements.

Second, measure the height on both sides and record the smallest measurement.

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Arctic Double Exterior Front Door is designed to enrich the entrance area of your house, and also ensures additional security for your home. It combines elegance with excellent design and technical properties.Arctic Double Front Door is equipped with a sturdy alumnum frame and filling, aluminium threshold, adjustable hinges, safety lock. The entry door, made of aluminum and steel material, is also impressive with robust quality and high locking convenience. It comes with a whole kit including the  push handles, keys, sealing  and assembly set.


  • Opening direction: Left or right
  • Metal thickness: 1mm
  • Noise insulation: 45 dB


  • Dimensions with the frame: 74" x 82 inches. 

Product's SKU: arctic_double_door
Additional Information
Style Contemporary
Finish White
Size 74" X 82"
Design Framed
Materials Galvanized Steel
Configuration Double