Moisture resistant MDF front doors


Almost like a solid wood, only a little bit better... it is an opinion of many buyers and manufacturers about moisture resistant MDF front doors. They have become a relatively new phenomenon in the market but have already gained great popularity. What is their secret?

Materials for moisture resistant MDF front doors production

What is MDF? Medium density fibreboard made of compressed wood is a practical and economical option for finishing. It is produced from comminuted sawdust, which is steamed and then dried. After that, they are glued under a press using special resin (lignin). Since these boards are made of natural materials, the moisture resistant MDF entry doors are harmless to health and eco-friendly.

Construction. This material is soft enough, so it is easy to process. Manufacturers usually use boards of increased strength to cover/trim a wooden frame. The interior space is filled with soundproof or "honeycomb" filler. The basis of the best moisture-resistant MDF front entry doors construction is a framework of laminated veneer lumber. They are glued together from parts with different fiber orientations. It helps to avoid the defects due to water influence and temperature drops: as a rule, such products are not subject to warping or hogging. The surface is then trimmed with decorative elements.

Types of finishes. Being an upscale coating, MDF mimics the structure of the wood with its natural laconic beauty. However, it is not a finishing covering. Manufacturers decorate the surface with veneer, decorative PVC film or powder coating / paint.

  1. Veneer is the most beautiful and interesting option for finishing. This is a thin section of valuable hardwood species. Veneered moisture resistant MDF front doors prices are quite high. However, this option is environmentally friendly, giving the product a unique woody pattern. Veneer has good insulating qualities: it preserves heat and does not let in extraneous sounds.
  2. PVC layer is a special film with a rather strong structure. It is durable and provides good sound insulation. In appearance, it is difficult to distinguish it from veneer.
  3. Paint / powder coatings have a huge color palette. Several layers can be applied to the surface to create a solid coating.

The characteristics of moisture resistant MDF front doors

Excellent performance criteria make such products an optimal choice for various houses and apartments. Among their distinctive features are:

  • moisture resistance;
  • high sound and heat insulation;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations;
  • resistance to fungal infection;
  • lightweight construction;
  • good fire safety;
  • attractive appearance with wood imitation;
  • color fastness.

The naturalness of the materials used guarantees the safety of the inhabitants of the house. The use of protective coatings makes the moisture resistant MDF front doors with free shipping steadfast to low and high temperature changes. Due to their low weight, these models do not sag with time. The material itself improves the insulation properties and increases the strength of the product. Water-resistant panels perfectly protect the door from moisture. At the same time they do not absorb it from the air.

Lovers of natural materials will appreciate attractive design imitating the wood. Color fastness allows creating surfaces with a rich and deep shade. In addition, such entrance doors do not lose their original appearance for a long service life. It is achieved by using a protective film that makes the panels waterproof and protects them from damage. Easy maintenance should be mentioned as well. All you have to do is to remove dust and light contaminants with a duster. These products also do not require periodic repainting or coating with varnish or paint.

Moisture resistant MDF entry front doors in NYC & NJ: an indisputable advantage

  • Such MDF panels are an excellent solution for covering the exterior and interior surfaces. From the outside they protect the surface from the environmental influence, at the same time decorating the facade of the house. From the inside the panels perfectly complement the hallway design due to the abundance of colors.
  • If you decide to buy moisture resistant MDF entry doors, you get a combination of decorative functions, high strength and safety. Thanks to the reinforced construction and thick metal sheets, the steel models are stronger and safer than wooden ones. A huge selection of artificial colors and natural coatings gives the surface a noble appearance.

Looking for reliable and beautiful entrance doors? Steel models with moisture-resistant MDF are already waiting for you at The Doors Depot website. Choose your favorite model and enjoy interesting texture and reliability for many years.