Choosing the right intercom for front door


  1. Why do you need an outdoor intercom?
  2. Intercom choosing guide
  3. How to choose entry door intercom
  4. Intercom buying guide

The installation of a front door intercom is designed to secure any space and create additional conveniences for owners. These modern devices offer great advantages and take into account the special requirements of the customer.

Choosing the right intercom for front door

Why do you need an outdoor intercom?

Convenience and safety are two main characteristics of the exterior door intercom. Its presence allows you to hear or see who is standing at the entrance to your house or apartment. With its help you can control who will get access to your front door. This system helps to prevent unauthorized entry, making your home safer.

Choosing the right intercom for front door

What functions should a heavy duty intercom perform? It provides a wide range of capabilities, including:

An undeniable advantage is that you don't have to go out in winter and open the door to visitors.


Intercom choosing guide

Modern manufacturers offer a truly huge and diverse range of devices. Therefore, an inexperienced customer can easily get confused among a variety of options when choosing entry door intercom system. Let's figure out their main classification and features.

In general, appliances of this type are divided into:

  • audio only intercom systems;

Choosing the right intercom for front door


  • video intercoms.

Choosing the right intercom for front door


In addition, specialists distinguish two classes of intercom systems:

  • wired models are difficult to install, therefore their price is higher;
Choosing the right intercom for front door
  • wireless devices require Wi-Fi or 3G (mobile network) for their work.
Choosing the right intercom for front door

Today, video calling intercom systems are in high demand. In addition to voice communication, they assume the presence of a video signal transmission. It allows seeing the interlocutor behind the door and controlling the space in front of the house or apartment. Such models are also equipped with a special infrared illumination. This makes it easier to control and monitor the entrance at night.


How to choose entry door intercom

The main criteria

Let's look at the basic nuances of choice.

First, take into account the fact that installing an entry door intercom is associated with installation work. Therefore, it is desirable to execute it before finishing the repair and finishing works in a house.Choosing the right intercom for front door

Secondly, it is worth thinking about the safety of the security system itself. Specialists recommend choosing the vandal resistant intercom.

Third, consider the type of locking device. It can be electromechanical or electromagnetic. However, remember that an electromagnetic lock would be open when the electricity is cut off. Therefore, it is worthwhile to provide a backup power supply.

Fourth, do not save on quality. Select intercom from well-known and reliable manufacturers.



Almost any front door intercom system consists of wall mount station and the monitor.

The wall mount station is usually installed on the door or near. It allows the visitor to contact the owner of the house or apartment.

The monitor is located inside the house. Usually it connects to the surveillance camera to be able to view the visitor.

If you choose intercom for front door, remember that the wall mount station performs the function of the intercom system as a whole. The connection is made using the built-in speaker and microphone. Using the video camera, the image is fed to the monitor. Also in modern devices, the lock control function can be available.


Intercom buying guide

To get the best option that ensures the safety of your home, you need to take into account many factors. Pay attention to the following intercom buying tips.

Choosing the right intercom for front door

Purpose of use. It is necessary to determine how the equipment will be used. Do you buy it for personal use? Or plan to install in the office?

Sound or picture. Depending on your needs, you can choose the option that is right for you. Modern models are equipped with compact video cameras. Accordingly, you can also see the person who came. If you need only to chat with a visitor, then select an audio outdoor intercom. In addition, they are cheaper than video equipment. Therefore, the choice is based on financial possibilities.

Color or black and white screen. Modern devices support a color or monochrome picture. The difference lies in the resolving power of the image. Remember the black and white image will not be very informative in the dark.

Number of channels. When choosing intercom keep in mind that additional equipment can be connected to one gadget. It depends on the number of channels. Multi-channel devices are installed in large houses with several entrances. One channel is the best option for personal needs.

Screen resolution. Need a clear picture of the space in front of the entrance door? Buy a model that supports high resolution and a wide range of colors.

Display size. One of the important intercom choosing recommendations is the display size. The resolution of the image also depends on its size. The best option is 7-inch display. Then you can easily distinguish the person who has come.