Choosing front door hardware: doorbells

  1. How to choose doorbells: types and varieties
  2. How to select doorbells: features and characteristics
  3. How to buy quality doorbell
  4. Doorbell positioning: differences between street and apartment models

 Choosing front door hardware doorbells

Today, a doorbell is installed on almost every door of a residential, commercial or office building. This device is an indispensable attribute that helps to notify the owner about guests waiting on the doorstep. The doorbells choosing can be a challenge. The customer can find dozens of models with different designs. They differ in the installation option and have various functional, design and sound tunes. To get a quality appliance, you need to determine specifications and installation features correctly.

Choosing front door hardware doorbells Choosing front door hardware doorbells

How to choose doorbells: types and varieties

Consider what type of device is right for your home when choosing doorbells for front door.

There are basic types:

  • Mechanical has a rather simple design, which creates sound signals when exerted. This type is not widespread now, but serves as a decor element among lovers of antiquity.
  • Electromechanical is an advanced type of mechanism with a mechanical principle of operation. The main body is connected to the electrical grid, and the sound signal is created when the voltage is applied to the electromagnetic coil. This type is rarely used. It is because of the sound signal cannot be changed, and the mechanical parts are extremely unreliable.
  • Electronic doorbells are a modern type of device based on microcircuits. They are compact, have a pretty design and many tunes. Also there are products with additional functionality - an autonomous power supply system, motion sensors and so on. Electronic models are presented in two types: wireless and wired.

Since electronic appliances are most popular on the modern market, let's compare the virtues and shortcomings of the main varieties.


How to select doorbells: features and characteristics


Choosing front door hardware doorbells

Such models are offered as push-button doorbells, with a switch and volume control. There are devices operating from AC power supplier, batteries and with both of them. You can even find heat-resistant doorbells.


  • confident work in places separated by concrete and metal walls or barriers;
  • the mechanical button installed on the street is more resistant to climatic factors.


  • potential danger due to operation from the AC power;
  • the complexity of installation;
  • damage due to the use of poor-quality materials.



Their distinctive feature is that they have no wires. Radio waves perform the role of the cable that transmits the signals. There are electronic doorbells with various mechanisms, including combined power supply - from the AC power and batteries.
Choosing front door hardware doorbells


  • Lack of wires ensures easy installation.
  • The wireless device is safer since the power supply is self-contained.
  • It is not necessary to search for a broken wire if there is a fault condition.
  • You can install additional components and add several speakers in different rooms.
  • This device is functional and convenient - it has an attractive design and comes in a variety of colors.
  • When choosing doorbells for front doors bear in mind that there is a choice of a musical tunes from dozens of installed options.


  • Most of the mechanisms on batteries quickly wear out because they consume a lot of power. They also require frequent replacement.
  • Failure of electronic components leads to the disappearance of sound or distortion of the signal.
  • The body and electronics of the product may be disabled when falling. It will lead to complete uselessness of the mechanism.
  • Unfavorable climatic conditions or dust can cause malfunctions. Because of it, there may be spontaneous signals or a complete absence of a sound when pressed.

Purchase devices from trusted manufacturers and sellers when selecting doorbells for entry door. If the manufacturer provides a long warranty of operation, then it will be a great advantage.


How to buy quality doorbells

To choose and buy a high-quality mechanism, use our doorbells buying guide.

  • Buy products in specialized stores. Do not take them in ordinary household shops, because quality can be questionable.
  • Acquire a gear with a warranty that is properly registered.
  • Pay attention to the price - it can vary. The cost depends on the range of action, number of functions and design.
  • Choose a mechanism with a pleasant melody. Otherwise, the tune will bother you and you'll have to install a new one. It will be better if there is a set of tunes to choose from.
  • Think about the installation method. If you plan to do it yourself, choose devices with easy installation.
  • Experts recommend setting "loud" doorbells in the apartments or houses with a large area. Models of the middle price range have a good quality, and their sound is audible for 115-130 feet.
  • When selecting a wireless call, check that the batteries are standard. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find them. You can buy rechargeable batteries to recharge them periodically.


Doorbell positioning: differences between street and apartment models

Choosing front door hardware doorbells

Some buyers are wondering - how to choose doorbells for exterior door located in the street? It is necessary to think about the conditions under which it will be operated.

We can distinguish the following difference:

  1. The street models are enclosed in a strong case, and the button is made of metal. It helps to protect the mechanism from vandals. However, the more powerful and reliable the protection, the higher the price.
  2. The presence of anticorrosion covering and a screen helps to protect the doorbell from atmospheric precipitation. Make sure that the device is protected from adverse environmental effects.
  3. The presence of additional protection for internal components. Because such a gadget has complex electronics, the internal elements and push buttons should be carefully protected. Since the appliances are on the street, they require increased moisture and dust protection. You can find even water resistant doorbells.

Also, keep in mind that in the event of an outage, a fully autonomous battery-powered device will be the best option.