Unica 1 Natural Wood Door | Chestnut
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Unica 1 Natural Wood Door | Chestnut

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Beautifully crafted from wood and engineered softwood Unica Door fits ideally to any kind of an interior due to its natural tones of finish.
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Product details

Unica Doors highlight an ultra-thin packaging and pillar with many completing alternatives. A wire brushed complete features the natural magnificence of the grain, or pick a super smooth polish in a scope of hues to coordinate any stylistic theme. Restrictive and contemporary Unica Collection joins smooth, rich construction in unmistakable surfaces and hues. Manufactured panels and oak trims offer significantly more assortment to this top of the line.



  • Deep brushed oak veneer covers door panels
  • Structure of door: engineered solid softwood, honeycomb filling, HDF-plate 1/4”
  • Package: polyethylene film, foam pads on the perimeter, corrugated box
  • Door size: 80” x (18”; 24”; 28”; 30”; 32”; 36”)
  • Thickness of the door: 1”1/2
  • Glass option can be added




Pre-Hanging Service


If the product is suitable it will rise smoothly, without any gaps, but not so tight that it would be difficult to operate it - even a child should be able to open and close the door. It is easier to work with pre-deployed doors because they built into the doorway and a frame installed around the door, unlike the door of the plate. But, in any case, such a design must meet the requirements. Usually, a 1/2-inch distance is required on both sides for the gaskets between the jamb frame and the rough hole, so that it could be possible to adjust the door during operation. In order for the door installed correctly, contact the manufacturer.






Matching Jamb and Casing



The finish of the door, or what usually called a carpenter, is a flat part that closes the doorjamb and space between the divider and the doorjamb. To each door, we have a restrictive appearance of the frame, and we select them considering the way that the completed look would be in agreement with the inside outline. 






The width of the body of the door is 3 feet and is usually less than 1 9/16 inch. In most cases, it is 8 11/16"long, which corresponds to the length of most doors.


Extension Jamb Set

A more noteworthy number of contemporary houses have a specific thickness of dividers, while in more seasoned houses thicker dividers likewise tend to change the thickness from one end to the other. For those cases, there are entryways with an isolated joint, the profundity of which can be marginally controlled. Another alternative is to make an augmentation of the doorjambs: hold one side of the doorjamb and measure the separation important to bolt the support from the contrary side. Then use a table saw to cut them to the required width, and attach the strips to the edges of the doorjamb.


Packing & Shipping

Delivery set: polyethylene film, foam pads on the perimeter, corrugated box molding package: set in a polyethylene film, corrugated cardboard

Product's SKU: unica1-chestnut
Additional Information
Design Glazed
Size 36"x 80", 32"x 80", 30"x 80", 28"x 80", 24"x 80", 18"x 80"
Finish Chestnut, Brown
Style Contemporary/Modern
Materials Solid Softwood
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