Romula 4 Door in Chocolate Ash
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Romula 4 Door in Chocolate Ash

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Impressed by the old-style beauty and modern sturdy construction this Romula Door in Chocolate Ash is an ideal addition to your interior.
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Modern interior wood door with hardware, Romula-4 Chocolate Ash, single panel frame trims, bathroom robust bedroom, varying in size


1. Door Slab, THICKNESS 1 9/16"
2. Trims
3. Jamb
4. Hinges
5. Passage Handle

• Door made of solid pine wood with honeycomb and eco-veneer coating.
• Door is not pre-cutted for the hardware and not pre-attached to the frame.
• Assembly of frames and trims required. Door works with all swing directions.
• Minimal rough opening can be calculated: door width + 2"; door height + 1 1/2"
• Thickness of the door slab is 40 mm or 1 9/16".


The Modern Single Interior Doors from the Romula collection will dazzle whether you're wanting to upgrade your bedroom, living room, or any other room in your house. Don't pass up the chance to update your house with these exquisite doors and turn it into a chic and refined retreat.


Solid wood with honeycomb core made by laminated wood with honeycomb using Ciplex technology.


High-end film layer that is applied on top of the laminated wood with honeycomb Made in Italy.


Environmentally friendly, employing only the newest, greenest materials.
The company mandates that only the safest products be used.
We are concerned about you and your loved ones, the environment, and our planet.
Doors are the best choice for usage in childcare facilities and hospitals.



• Energy-saving: rubber seal helps to keep the warmth inside the room.
• Better sound insulation qualities
• Protects from dust, smoke, and insects



The Romula collection received its name from the entrance doors of the legendary Temple of Romulus in Rome. The temple doors are made of fine bronze and decorated with a simple but bold geometric design. Different variations of the gate are available, which allows them to fit into any interior.

The doors of Romula are made of 100% oak wood and are very popular. Oak products are the most durable because this tree is famous for its hardness and excellent sound insulation. Purchasing doors from oak guarantee you to invest in the future. Given the modern finish, you get an interesting interior detail that adds a certain gloss



Door construction: 100% solid oak, 0.13-inch plate, solid oak panel.

•    wooden oak solid beads with 5-layer coating, water-repellent coating, and landscaping,

•    each door has its own unique number that can be seen on Icon at the end of the door and in a separate product certificate to the Eye.




Pre-Hanging Service

If the door is suitable it will rise smoothly, without any gaps, but not so tight that it would be difficult to operate it - even a child should be able to open and close the door. It is easier to work with pre-deployed doors because they built into the doorway and a frame installed around the door, unlike the door of the plate. But, in any case, such a design must meet the requirements. Usually, a 1/2-inch distance is required on both sides for the gaskets between the jamb frame and the rough hole, so that it could be possible to adjust the door during installation. In order for the door installed correctly, contact the door manufacturer.





Extension Jamb Set

A greater number of modern houses have a certain thickness of walls, while in older houses thicker walls also have a tendency to change the thickness from wall to wall. For those cases, there are doors with a divided joint, the depth of which can be slightly regulated. Another option is to create an extension of the doorjambs: hold one side of the doorjamb and measure the distance necessary to lock the jamb from the opposite side. Then use a table saw to cut them to the required width, and attach the strips to the edges of the doorjamb.


Product's SKU: romula4-chocolate-ash-0020
Additional Information
Materials Solid Oak
Design Framed
Size 84"x18"
Finish Cognac Oak
Style Traditional/Classic
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10.0 Perfect. It doesn't get any better
This is the place to find the perfcet doors for your home, if you want professional work. Fair prices, service with no hassles or disappointments. Recommend!
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