Alicante A Interior Door
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Alicante A Interior Door

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Upgrade your home stylistic layout with elegant addition as an Alicante Interior Door that will bring airy atmosphere to your room.
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Product details

Alicante doors look particularly great in white and consolidate Baroque impacts to make an outwardly invigorating and in vogue tasteful. Alicante is a port city on the Southeastern bank of Spain which highlights great Spanish design from the Gothic and Baroque periods.   A manufactured wood center for better soundness with ecological changes, numerous wood species, and different board plans can coordinate any home stylistic layout.

Structure of doorWater-safe HDF-plate 0.47”, manufactured solid softwood.

  • Covered with Italian enamel and made by hard-milling technology
  • Package: polyethylene film, foam pads on the perimeter, corrugated box
  • Satin glass with milling imitation
  • Molding package: set in a polyethylene film, corrugated cardboard

Door panel features:  solid panel, stained glass with filling, satin glass with perimeter, facet and decorative wood trellis, mirror with perimeter facet.







Pre-Hanging Service

If the door is suitable it will rise smoothly, without any gaps, but not so tight that it would be difficult to operate it - even a child should be able to open and close the door. It is easier to work with pre-deployed doors because they built into the doorway and a frame installed around the door, unlike the door of the plate. But, in any case, such a design must meet the requirements. Usually, a 1/2-inch distance is required on both sides for the gaskets between the jamb frame and the rough hole so that it could be possible to adjust the door during installation. In order for the door installed correctly, contact the door manufacturer.


Matching Jamb and Casing




The finish of the door, or what usually called a carpenter, is a flat part that closes the doorjamb and space between the wall and the doorjamb. To each door, we have an exclusive appearance of the hull, and we select them taking into account the fact that the finished look would be in harmony with the interior design.

The width of the body of the door is 3 feet and is usually less than 1 9/16 inch. In most cases, it is 8 11/16"long, which corresponds to the length of most doors.








Extension Jamb Set

A greater number of modern houses have a certain thickness of walls, while in older houses thicker walls also have a tendency to change the thickness from wall to wall. For those cases, there are doors with a divided joint, the depth of which can be slightly regulated. Another option is to create an extension of the doorjambs: hold one side of the doorjamb and measure the distance necessary to lock the jamb from the opposite side. Then use a table saw to cut them to the required width, and attach the strips to the edges of the doorjamb.



Matching Accessories







 Finishing decorative accessories such as a rosette, a plinth, and a head molding, give the door a complete luxurious look. The cast head also includes a variety of decorative, finishing elements and is made of wood or MDF. The head part performs an exclusively decorative function and can be in different variations of shape and thread.






Packing & Shipping

Delivery set: polyethylene film, foam pads on the perimeter, corrugated box molding package: set in a polyethylene film, corrugated cardboard

Product's SKU: alicante-a-RAL-9003
Additional Information
Materials Solid Softwood
Design Framed
Size 36"x 80", 32"x 80", 30"x 80", 28"x 80", 24"x 80", 18"x 80"
Finish White
Style Traditional/Classic
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from New York
10.0 Perfect. It doesn't get any better
I purchased amazing interior doors that complimented my house ideally. It features a white finish and after 2 weeks it was delivered. I appreciate that all the carving details were handmade, it is so extraordinary. Quality of it is high, very good product for its price.
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from Michigan
10.0 Perfect. It doesn't get any better
Great service at reasonable pricing. Knowledgeable, courteous, & I did not get a feeling of being "played" (which I'm good at picking up). This company is great for any door issues.
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from Santa Clara, CA
10.0 Perfect. It doesn't get any better
I bought a door & had it installed a couple weeks ago. What I can say? This was a great experience. All was professional and fast. I have not found the problems with opening or closing. The overall appearance is amazing and the door itself is of high quality.
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