Solid Softwood Interior Doors

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Those who appreciate the comfort in the house prefer natural materials, in particular, in the manufacture of internal softwood doors. Such products have high operational properties and excellent aesthetics. They have good heat- and sound insulation characteristics, and fill the room with comfort and reliability.

Today, solid softwood interior doors are very popular among consumers. The evergreen coniferous trees - pine, larch, spruce, fir, cedar belongs to the softwoods. Among hardwoods, soft varieties include alder, linden and aspen. Such wood is excellent for doors manufacturing. It also serves as raw materials for veneer and paper production.

Advantages of solid softwood internal doors

Buying solid softwood interior doors, you get the best option for decorating living space. Such models are characterized by low cost, practicality and durability.

  • Low cost is one of the most significant advantages. Conifers are found in vast areas. Due to their wide prevalence in nature, this material for making softwood interior doors in New York is easily accessible.
  • Ease of processing. Trunks of trees often have the even surface, without extra twigs. Such wood species are lightweight; therefore the treatment is easy and convenient.
  • Resistance to decay. Many coniferous trees produce special gummy substance - resin to protect them from insects. The gumminess makes wood resistant to fungus development and decay processes.
  • Resistance to temperature drop. Such species poorly reacts to changes in the ambient temperature. Due to this, it retains the primary structure longer.
  • Water absorbency. Possessing a low hygroscopicity index, it is excellent for making solid softwood interior doors in NYC and NJ. This material has an excellent ability to keep the heat in the room.
  • Environmental friendliness. All conifers have a pleasant smell. They emit volatile production, which is considered salutary, and prevent the development of harmful microorganisms.

Careful processing doesn't allow products to swell under the influence of moisture, and change their appearance. The use of modern materials and high-quality coatings makes the wood resistant to moisture or temperature changes.

Characteristics of internal softwood doors of various wood species

When choosing interior doors made of natural wood, you get durability, quality and beautiful appearance. Manufacturers use different softwood species, but the most popular are:

  1. larch;
  2. pine;
  3. spruce;
  4. alder.

Larch got wide spread occurrence. It is characterized by high moisture resistance and the greatest strength among coniferous trees. However, if the wood is not properly dried, internal cracks appear. There are different kinds of the larch, with various colors and texture of the fibers. Affordable price combined with special durability makes this material an excellent option for manufacturing of solid softwood interior doors for home.

Pine takes the second place after larch, primarily due to the low cost of products. It doesn't react to moisture and temperature changes due to the content of a large amount of resin. Due to the porous structure of the pine, the softwood interior doors for sale keep the heat in the room well. A light weight makes it easy to install and operate. However, because of the loose structure, such material has a low solidity. Therefore, pine products often have a hardwood veneer coating.

Doors made of spruce have a pleasant light shade, affordable price and greater softness. Because of greater porosity, it provides better thermal insulation properties. Although a large number of twigs makes processing difficult. The more humid spruce wood strongly reacts to moisture, and may begin to rot. In other respects, the pine or spruce softwood interior doors in New Jersey practically do not differ from each other.

Alder is a soft hardwood species, without a very noticeable structure. It is very soft and easy to process. Alder is resistant to decay in wet rooms, and does not crack. It darkens in the air, so it is usually used in a colored form. The dried wood acquires a beautiful, unusual color and can be easily polished.

To date, softwoods are widely used in the manufacture. They are reliable, practical, and can be located in various rooms. The reasonable price on internal softwood doors at The Doors Depot makes them affordable for many buyers. Choosing a wooden product, you get style and quality.