Solid Oak Interior Doors

Doors made of solid oak are among the most popular. Why are they in such demand among customers? Because they deserve respect among experts and wood manufacturers! Oak is a very flexible and durable wood with a noble texture and a variety of shades. Solid oak for making interior doors has a mass of preferences.

Virtues and advantages of solid oak interior doors

The oak is considered an ideal product for the manufacture of beautiful, durable and functional doors. They are characterized by a high level of durability and do not require special care. The price on solid oak internal doors is higher, compared to wood substitutes. However, the service life of such products is much higher than that of veneered products.

The assortment of solid oak interior doors is varied and presented in different designs. The door from the solid oak looks aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, especially if the natural appearance of the wood is preserved. This is achieved due to the beautiful noble texture of the wood itself. To maintain this beauty and emphasize the rich shade, special transparent varnishes and compounds are used.

6 advantages of solid oak internal doors

The main advantages of the solid oak are the following:

  • Long service life. Solid oak interior doors for sale are guaranteed to last for a long time without losing strength and reliability. Using natural wood significantly increases the resistance to shocks.
  • Environmental safety. Ecological compatibility is one of the main characteristics that wood products have. The absence of toxic emissions during operation guarantees safety for the human body. Therefore, you can safely buy solid oak internal doors even for bedrooms and kid's rooms.
  • High level of strength. Solid oak interior doors in New Jersey perfectly resist various unfavorable factors. They are not afraid of mechanical impact and are resistant to abrasion and the appearance of scratches.
  • Excellent sound insulation. The solid oak, thanks to its properties, isolates the room from any sounds very well. Such solid oak interior doors perfectly protect the space from unnecessary noise. Therefore, their installation is often carried out in children's rooms and bedrooms.
  • Sufficient thermal insulation. The structure of the oak wood and its thermal characteristics provide good heat insulation to the room. So you can improve the performance of keeping the heat in the home. Therefore, these doors are one of the most relevant options for apartments and houses in cold regions.
  • Exquisite appearance. Exclusive solid oak interior doors attract attention with their exquisite beauty. Advanced wood processing technology allows producing luxurious designs. And the use of additional protective coatings allow for a long time to maintain a presentable appearance.

Despite all the advantages, there are several drawbacks. Keep in mind that a natural wood doesn't like temperature changes and is subject to humidity. Increased humidity can adversely affect the surface and lead to stains or tarnishing. Excessive dryness can also damage the surface and lead to the formation of cracks. However, these few shortcomings can be turned into dignities. You just need to know how.

Useful tips for caring for solid oak interior doors for homes

  1. A thorough care and compliance with operating conditions will help avoiding the appearance of cracks or spots on the surface.
  2. During exploitation of best solid oak interior doors, the optimum air temperature is +59/+95°F and the relative humidity is 30-70%.
  3. It's important to avoid the material deformation from the temperature drop. Make sure that the doors are not exposed to direct sunlight and aren't located near the heaters.
  4. Use special detergents intended specifically for wood to clean the surface of the solid oak interior doors in NYC.
  5. Do not install the doors in rooms with high humidity, for example in a bathroom or kitchen, to avoid deformation from moisture.
  6. Modern methods of wood processing help to avoid the negative impact of moisture. Ensure that the surface is covered with special compounds that protect against humidity. You can check this information in quality certificates when purchasing solid oak interior doors in New York.
  7. Once a year, check the condition of the leaf, accessories and all components.

By shopping solid oak interior doors on The Doors Depot, you can be sure that you have found a quality and luxurious product. We offer models, which combine high functional performance and presentable appearance. And then your new door will retain aesthetics in your home for a long time.