Manufactured Pine Interior Doors

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Strength, good soundproofing qualities and attractive design are the main requirements when choosing doors. Manufacturers assure that all modern materials meet these requirements. However, manufactured pine interior doors have gained a wide popularity among buyers. Are they a functional, eco-friendly and affordable solution for your home?

Why choose manufactured pine interior doors?

One of the main features of the wood is the variety of species, shapes and sizes. Solid pine interior doors look impressive in different rooms, from the hallway to the bedrooms. A natural wood makes these products environmentally friendly. With proper processing the pine will retain a beautiful appearance. The properties of the wood itself make it possible to achieve high noise and thermal insulation features.

Beautiful and reliable manufactured pine interior doors can last many years with proper maintenance. They can be made both from glued or solid wood. Products from solid wood are considered more prestigious, and therefore more expensive. After all, for their production high-quality solid piece of wood without twigs and knots is used. However, modern glued products are not inferior to the solid wood.

For the production of glued wood, separate pieces are glued together into a single piece under high pressure. Veneering with a layer of a natural hardwood gives extra durability. Due to this, soft pine becomes more resistant to deformation and mechanical damage. Owing to the use of cheaper materials, these products become more affordable.

Characteristics and benefits of pine interior doors

Pine is an inexpensive and natural material, which is not inferior to other wood species. It is especially appreciated for doors manufacturing because of two main reasons:

  1. relatively flat surface;
  2. a small number of knots.

In addition, it has the following qualities:

  • sufficiently high strength;
  • resistance to rotting and fungal attack;
  • low susceptibility to deformation;
  • light weight;
  • ease of processing;
  • affordable price.

Physical properties. As a material of natural origin, pine provides a high level of environmental friendliness. Due to its naturalness, manufactured pine doors for home don't lose the coniferous aroma, even after processing. Smooth surface without unnecessary knots provides a guarantee of ease of processing.

Mechanical features. A small density of wood enables to achieve the lightness of the finished product. Buying pine interior doors is especially relevant for thin walls. They do not exert a heavy load on the fasteners. The porous structure of the fibers helps to get excellent noise and thermal insulation. It allows achieving natural air circulation as well. Low susceptibility to deformation ensures smooth functioning and operation.

Additional characteristics. For protection from insects and pests, pine excretes a special substance - resin. This natural resinous impregnation of wood allows sustaining changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, the resin makes pine products resistant to fungal attack.

Visual peculiarities. Uniform texture provides a high aesthetic appeal to manufactured pine interior doors for sale. The color of the finished product varies from natural light colors to saturated golden hues. The shade depends on the choice of wood grade and the number of layers of special coatings and varnish. The wood is perfectly matched with different materials, so you can achieve an amazing aesthetic effect in any room.

However, the pine has one significant drawback - low hardness. It is determined by the loose and porous structure of the wood itself. To eliminate this drawback, the products are covered with hardwood veneer, for example oak. Due to this, veneered pine interior doors in New York are characterized by good performance properties. They are resistant to mechanical influences, but have an affordable price.