Chestnut interior doors


The chestnut interior doors are quite unique. This interesting shade is warm, soft, noble, but rare. Chestnut has a homogeneous structure and iridescent play of colors. So these models look unrivalled, and its structure is difficult to replicate. That's why not all companies that manufacture and distribute doors, offer models in this color. So how to buy chestnut interior doors to get an interesting design in your room, but not go bankrupt at their purchase?

Features and benefits of chestnut internal doors

The choice of doors directly affects the design of the interior. The interior doors in chestnut look great in classical style spaces. Thanks to the beautiful golden-brown color palette, the traditional inspired room looks respectable and noble. And the interior in minimalism or casual style will play with new colors.

Tips of using chestnut interior doors and ideas

A bright accent. Want to add brightness and juiciness to your room? Shop for chestnut interior doors and choose finishing in turquoise and yellow colors.

Playing on contrasts. Choosing a chestnut color lighter or darker than wallpaper or flooring, you will emphasize the geometry of the room. This makes the interior more clear and allow the doors to perfectly fit into a space with a modern style.

Harmonious combination. Gray, brown and green natural shades perfectly go with the chestnut internal doors.

Other interesting combinations.

  • Chestnut doors and white finish of the furnishings fill the interior with freshness and vivacity.
  • Pastel colors combined with a chestnut shade make the room warmer and more comfortable.
  • Chestnut interior doors perfectly emphasize the room in retro style.

At The Doors Depot, you can always buy chestnut interior doors online, which will contrast or match the color of your space. Depending on your preferences, you can emphasize the advantages or add brightness to your room.

Types of best chestnut interior doors: how to choose the right model

You can choose the perfect model according to several criteria:

  1. type of structure;
  2. type of coating.

By type of structure, doors can be presented in different versions. Chestnut interior doors in NJ can have a simple uniform leaf. It can be absolutely smooth or have decorative elements. Many models have an interesting design. You can choose a leaf with one-, two-, three panels of different sizes, as in the Romula model.

According to the type of structure, the chestnut interior doors in online stores can be glazed. This is an interesting and functional solution for any room, because it helps to add light to the space. And this will additionally save your money on lighting in the daytime. If the glazing comes with a decor, then this model certainly becomes a striking and showy accent.

According to the type of coating, the doors can be:

  1. laminated;
  2. from a solid wood;
  3. veneered.

The structure of the laminated chestnut interior doors contains high-quality MDF-panels. They are laminated with a special film, imitating different types of wood. This laminated film can be smooth or have a natural wood texture.

Solid wood doors are uncommon and often valuable. This is due to the fact that the chestnut wood itself is rarely produced on an industrial scale. Therefore, in the production veneer is often used. However, many customers don't quite understand what veneer is.

Recently, for making chestnut interior doors in NYC veneer is used in increasing frequency. This is a sheet of natural wood about 0.1 inches thick. This thin sheet is glued on a wooden base, for example on MDF panels or on a solid wood. Then the master imparts the necessary color to the surface. And then the surface is covered with a layer of varnish for protection and durability.

Thanks to the color and texture, the veneered surface looks almost like solid wood. Its texture looks natural and noble, so veneered door is difficult to distinguish from expensive solid wood models. Due to the use of natural wood, the veneered interior doors in chestnut have a high degree of ecological compatibility. Therefore, this is a good option for installation in a bedroom or a children's room.

Chestnut interior doors prices are affordable enough for any customer. Being one of the popular options in today's market, these models don't require special care. Minor violations of the surface or finish coat integrity can be restored by professionals. However, avoid damage to preserve the original appearance and your door will serve you long.