Black Interior Doors


Stylish and luxurious black interior doors are a frequent phenomenon in modern homes. They are chosen by customers who understand the fashion design trends, and want to add chic to their premises. Such models become more popular than traditional wood ones in brown and beige. And there is a forcible reason for it! This unusual coloring makes your house or apartment unique and outstanding.

Why to choose and buy black interior doors

The different shades of the interior look more expressive and brighter against the black background. Even boring space can be revived with the help of black interior doors for sale. This is the secret of their popularity. In addition, they:

  • are suitable for any style of decoration, from classical and Victorian to loft, high-tech and minimalism;
  • easily fit into the various color schemes;
  • does not require careful daily care;
  • will be a spectacular addition to any space due to their versatility.

This color, undoubtedly, attracts at first sight because of its beauty. But it's essential not to be over-diligent with its use. Otherwise, the atmosphere in the room will look too dark and gloomy.

A little bit about shades and texture

Variants of hues for black natural wood doors are innumerable. The most common among them are:

  • coal (with a silver tinge);
  • ebony (rich hue of zebrawood);
  • pitch black;
  • dark wenge (with a brownish tint);
  • smoky (grayish-black);
  • black apricot.

Picking the best option for your apartment or house, consider that not all these shades get along with each other. Therefore, when buying an interior door in black, carefully select a harmonious combination of colors.

There are also models, upholstered with material of different textures. They can imitate reptile or animal skin. Such products look great in modern interiors, not overloaded with details.

Black interior doors with glass

The ideal option for decorating rooms in modern styles is the black interior doors with glass. Why do these products fit perfectly into minimalism and hi-tech styles? The lack of a multitude of decorative elements is compensated by reflections on chrome and mirror surfaces. Models with black glass are even more exquisite.

Despite the presence of the fragile material in the construction, such products are quite safe. They are usually made of a safe triplex. Its design implies the structure of two glasses (usually tempered), with a decorative film between them. If the glass is accidentally broken, then the fragments do not scatter, but remain glued to the surface of the adhesive film.

How to choose the material for black interior doors in NYC

In nature, there is only one wood species of black color, it is ebony. Because of its singleness and rarity, it has a high price. Not every customer can afford to buy such products. Therefore, the frame is most often made of soft wood with lower cost. For finishing the following materials are often used:

  1. natural veneer;
  2. laminate or eco-veneer.

Because of these options, black interior doors can have different shades - from grayish and brown to completely black.

If a high-grade solid wood was used for their manufacture, the cost will be too high. Therefore, painted structures are more affordable. Veneer made from natural oak is one of the most common varieties of surface decoration. It is specially painted in a dark color. Laminate or eco veneer imitates the texture of natural wood stiffly accurate. For protective functions varnish or polymer coating is applied. They enhance the quality of the coating, thus ensuring a long service life. To give the product nobility and chic, the material is also covered with patina.

Tips for shopping black interior doors

  • When buying, remember that the dark shades visually reduce the space. The ideal solution will be black model in combination with a light floor covering and white-finished walls. In combination with red, the black looks gorgeous in spacious rooms in high-tech styles or minimalism.
  • In a poorly lit room, a dark colored item is not a good choice. It is better to choose products with mirror inserts or glass.
  • Carefully choose the fittings. If the design of the leaf is made in silver or grayish hues, then select the hinges and handles in silver shades. Golden or bronze elements look great on surfaces with a brownish or reddish tint.
  • Select a material that doesn't require constant cleaning. After all, these models have a drawback - even weak pollution can be seen on the surface.

Just look at the best black interior doors to appreciate their attractiveness. A wide variety of designs in a different price range makes them an excellent solution for a home or apartment. This is the classics that don't tolerate the presence of too pretentious and catchy elements. Remember this, and then the nobility and chic of such products will create a fashionable interior of your home.