Traditional front doors


Timeless Traditional Front Doors

Traditional front doors

The facades of respectable buildings, country cottages and private houses are most often decorated in a classical style. A quality and presentable looking door is a significant addition to the design of any building. Now traditional front doors are leading and sought after in the modern market. However, there is a reasonable question - why? The point is that their individual characteristics and virtues impart aristocratic chic and elegancy to the constructions.

Peculiarities of entry doors in traditional style

Advantages. Why customer chooses such models? This happens for a number of objective reasons:

  • Relevance. Such design motifs in interior are not out of fashion. They remain classics at any time. Therefore, you do not have to worry that it becomes old-fashioned over the years.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Classic front doors are a combination of noble beauty and laconism. A restrained palette of shades, a large abundance of natural materials and a pleasant texture give these products a charming and presentable appearance.
  • Wide assortment. Among the large selection of colors, you can find a wide variety of classical sub-styles such as Renaissance, Empire, Baroque, and so on.
  • Neutrality & versatility. Thanks to its stunning but restrained design, these models are characterized by their universality. They perfectly harmonize with different styles, even modern ones, for example, neoclassicism, Scandinavian style, modernism.
  • Long service life. The use of high-quality natural materials allows traditional wooden front doors to serve more than a dozen years.

Distinctive features. This style is characterized by simplicity of lines and restrained luxury. When looking at traditional front door images buyers pay attention to the most notable features:

  • pastel color gamma;
  • the predominance of wood texture;
  • presence of milling and decorative elements;
  • glazing with glass inserts;
  • exquisite fittings.

The interior and exterior surfaces can be decorated with stained glass, mirrors and wrought-iron gratings. These elements create aesthetically beautiful look and functionality in the form of additional protection.

Design features and construction

Classic front doors

There is a wide variety of traditional entry doors. The most common variants differ in:

  1. form and appearance;
  2. purpose (shockproof, soundproof, fireproof, etc.);
  3. material manufacturing (made of metal, wood, fiberglass);
  4. opening direction (swing, sliding, folding, rotating);
  5. the number of leaves (single or double).

In form and appearance, traditional entrance doors can be:

  • standard rectangular;
  • arched (the top has a semi-circular shape);
  • with glazing (fiberglass or tempered glass is often used);
  • with a fixed transom (this element is used to lighten the construction, most often it does not open);
  • with decorative elements to give individuality.

The choice of design depends on the shape and size of the doorway, as well as the budget and the requirements of the buyer. Traditional front entry doors prices depend on the complexity of the configuration: the more complicated it is, the higher its cost.

Construction. Classic entry doors consist of a firm and durable frame, one or more quality steel sheets, stiffeners, insulation and an external trimming. At the request of the customer, the entire structure can be complemented by glass or other ornamental elements.

Models at The Doors Depot website are equipped with the most modern locking systems to prevent burglary. Reinforced hinges that have passed numerous tests are intended for a huge number of openings / closings. All these features contribute to the further increase in the functionality of the leaf.

Depending on the place of installation, the traditional exterior doors can have special characteristics and contain different insulating materials. For example, for apartments the owners usually choose products with several layers of quality sealant. It prevents the penetration of noise, drafts and unpleasant odors inside the rooms. Models with high burglary resistance are purchased for the facades of private houses and country cottages. The reliable coatings protect the leaf from rain, snow and UV rays.

Classic front doors for homes: materials and facing options

To add more appeal and to achieve resistance to external influences, any surface is covered with special coatings. They provide protection against external natural phenomena and mechanical impact, and create a stunning and elegant decor.

For traditional exterior doors in New York manufacturers use a variety of trimmings.

  • Solid wood looks noble and elegant. It emphasizes the taste of the owner of the premises, but has a high price. The leaf can be made entirely of solid wood or can be covered with decorative panels.
  • MDF and veneer. Such products have the attractive appearance with a wood texture due to the use of veneer (a thin section of natural wood). However, they are more affordable at a price than a whole timber.
  • MDF and artificial veneer. This modern material perfectly imitates the colors and texture of valuable wood species. Having a lower cost than natural analogs, eco-veneer is resistant to temperature changes, humidity and mechanical impact.
  • Powder paint is the budgetary version of covering. A wide assortment of various shades will help to choose a model that perfectly fits the color of the facade of your house or apartment.

Varieties of choices of classic front entry doors

Before buying traditional entrance doors, think through whether such a product will combine with a design of a room and exterior of your house or a cottage. Although, it should be mentioned that this style could easily fit into different interiors. The Italian manufacturers are trendsetters in terms of decorating traditional front doors. At our website we offer unusual shades of toning, artificial aging (patina and decorative cracks), painting, carving, gilding, and inlays - so many options to consider.