Single Square Front Doors


Main advantages. From the point of view of style and beauty, door with an exclusive design look more interesting than standard one. However, the installation of product with individual dimensions implies a number of difficulties. Therefore, most owners of houses and apartments choose standard single square entry doors. Technically, these products have a simple design (not to be confused with unreliable!), but they are the most popular and widespread.

Why choose a single-leaf metal door? This familiar model is reliable in its simplicity. It features maximum functionality with a minimum of moving elements, which can break down.

The standard design, like the standard doorway, implies a simplified installation. For many owners this issue is of decisive importance. In comparison with custom-made models of a certain size, when buying single square front doors for sale, buyers receive:

  • more affordable price of the product;
  • no additional work to fit the doorway;
  • quick purchase in regular/online stores;
  • absence of a long wait for the production of an individual project;
  • easier and faster installation.

A large number of manufacturers and their rivalry for consumer interest have resulted in the fact that the standard models with one leaf have the high grades of quality. Designers and engineers are constantly improving the design and construction of doors. Therefore, you can easily choose the option that is suitable for your already existing interior of the hallway or the facade of the house.

The luxurious and unique appearance of single square front doors in NYC & NJ is achieved through numerous variations of finishing and trimming:

  • veneered MDF panels;
  • inserts of tempered glass or fiberglass;
  • graceful forging;
  • mirror stained-glass windows;
  • decorative hardwood paneling.

Types of single square entry front doors at online store

To date, there is a wide variety of models differing in the types and materials of manufacture.

By the way of opening, they can be:

  • swing (open both inwards or outwards);
  • sliding (slide along tracks inside the wall or move parallel to it);
  • folding (consist of separate collapsible/folding sections);
  • rotating (rotate in both directions).

Entrance doors on the material of manufacture are divided into:

The single square front doors made of metal are considered the most reliable. They have excellent sound insulation, protect against smells, drafts and cold.

Products made of wood/MDF are inferior to metal models in popularity. Slightly less reliable, they are natural, safe and environmentally friendly.

Glass items visually expand the space of the rooms. However, they have a lower level of strength.

Doors made of fiberglass are one of the most reliable types for home protection. They are practically not subject to mechanical influences, do not decay and have a high grade of reliability.

Where to buy single square front doors?

Which models to choose - steel, wood, with fiberglass elements, framed or glazed? Each customer selects the product based on personal preferences and financial possibilities.

Is it profitable to buy from us? When buying single square entry front doors with free shipping at The Doors Depot website, you get:

  • a product with an attractive and democratic price;
  • a certified construction that meets all safety requirements;
  • high European quality;
  • accessories from the best world manufacturers;
  • a wide variety of surface design options;
  • ease of purchase.

We have a huge number of best single square entry doors in various colors, modern and classic styles, etc. There are no restrictions in the choice - only your taste and imagination.