Gaining increasingly popularity, double entry doors look respectable and luxurious. Convenient-to-use, they reliably protect the property and peace of their owners. If you own a house or apartment with a wide aperture, consider that you are extremely lucky!

Double front doors: main characteristics

Definitely, double entrance doors are a good solution for comfortable operation. Requiring less area for opening, they help to save space. In addition, they are smaller in size than the standard ones, and require less effort when closing and opening. Such models are easy to use, and allow freely carrying bulky items: furniture, household appliances and so on. These products are ideal for installation in rooms with wide doorways. Great for large spaces, they are intended to create presentable and aristocratic chic.

For the double exterior doors production the manufacturers use:

  • high-quality steel;
  • hardwood or wood substitutes;
  • tempered glass;
  • modern polymer alloys and coatings.

For installation at the living quarters, steel sheets and wood are most often used. Metal-constructed products combine great strength, reliability and attractive finish.

Quite often modern double entrance doors in USA are equipped with durable frame constructed from steel sheets with panels made of wood or MDF. The coating of powder paints with a protective effect is equally popular. Models with overlaid elements, wrought-iron grills and inserts of tempered glass look original and exquisite. To create a harmonious space, the interior and exterior of the leaf may be different. Various design techniques and materials are used to create such a diverse decoration.

Advantages of double entry doors in New York

When choosing, you need to understand why it is worth buying double entry doors. If it comes to the indubitable advantages, the following qualities should be noted:

  • presentable appearance and decoration of the facade;
  • possibility of easy carrying of large-sized items;
  • convenience of use;
  • increased resistance to burglary due to the specific construction of locks;
  • easy opening due to optimal distribution of load on the hinges.

Due to mentioned qualities, these products are ideal option for installation in a house or apartment. This variant is especially optimal if the doorways are of a non-standard size. They become a reliable protection against unauthorized entry, as well as decoration of the facade and interior of the room.

Constructions, properties and functionality

The construction of double front doors for sale may differ in dimensions, shape and placement location. Basically it consists of two leaves. The width can vary: they can be of the same size or different from each other. In most cases, one leaf is functional, and the other performs auxiliary functions. The complementary one, as a rule, is fixed in a stationary position. It is attached to the casing, and opens in rare cases.

If necessary, the modern market presents the ability to find models with two working leaves of the same size. For cottages and large houses with a wide facade, buying double front doors is the most appropriate solution. One leaf or both can be used for opening, depending on the dimension of the aperture and the customer's wishes.

When shopping double front doors, customers pay attention on special properties depending on door placement. In residential and commercial premises, they include reliable insulation from sounds, noise and drafts. To this purpose, manufacturers insulate both leaves and the frame itself. For better indices, the thermal insulation is combined with soundproofing. For further air-tightness the sealant is used: it is glued along the edge of the unit.

Design and double entry doors prices

Design. It directly depends on the wishes of the customer. The decor can be identical on both sides or have significant differences. For example, one leaf is flush and laconic, and the other has an original decor. Or one side is framed, and the other part includes elements of wrought iron or glass inserts.

The cost. The price on double front doors in NYC differs significantly from single-leaf analogues. It is obvious - the manufacturers use more materials and accessories. Manufacturing process and installation will be more difficult as well. However, don't try to save on reliability and attractive design!

By reducing the wide aperture to install the smaller single-winged model, the facade of the house will be badly marred up. Secondly, the possibility of carrying large objects is reduced. In this case, bulky equipment and massive furniture pieces will have to be brought through the windows. These problems can be easily avoided - just browse The Doors Depot website. We offer exclusive double entry doors for homes by reliable manufacturer Novo Porte. With our products your home will become more interesting, presentable and safer.