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Doors have a practical function.

Quality doors protect the room from negative weather factors; serve as reliable security of the house from the penetration of thieves. Imagining any building without doors - is unreal.

Today, for those who wish to install a new door, there is the opportunity to purchase it already made. The market represents a huge number of the best entry doors. They are made in sizes that fit the classic doorways in houses and apartments. If the client wishes to receive custom variation, he can use a special order service. By ordering custom door, you will be able to choose the most suitable and unique model, develop a model that fits all your taste preferences. Such designs can be made from a variety of materials. The most common are steel entrance doors. Especially popular door construction is fiberglass. This material is characterized by increased thickness and strength. It perfectly copes with the most difficult operating conditions.

The most popular options provided by the door stores are the following types of front doors, depending on the material of manufacture:

  • metal (as a rule, alloyed steel) and MDF: from the outside, the steel protects from vandals, as well as precipitation, while from the inside, MDF provides a cozy atmosphere
  • steel: all-steel door frame reliably protect against penetration into the dwelling, usually have a layer of insulation between the inner and outer canvas, which also allows improving sound insulation;
  • natural wood: as a rule, it is an array of hardwoods, such as aspen or oak. Contemporary doors look elegant and expensive, but require more careful handling;
  • MDF: Many house of doors offer cheaper models, but they are not reliable protection of the house against the entry of thieves;
  • metal and PVC: the metal is covered from inside and outside with a layer of PVC to reliably protect the structure, which allows you to optimally combine the reliability and spectacular design.

Exterior front doors can be found in absolutely any building. They are designed to protect the living space from external influences, natural disasters. Differ in increased durability. If you look for door retailers near me, you can see that they often represent not only exterior, but also interior wood doors. An important criterion is its excellent aesthetic appearance. They should maximally match the interior and exterior of the building.

Tips to buy external door

Before searching for the nearest door store, visit the Doors Depot that presents a large selection of front entry doors, which you can buy at the best prices. When ordering online, use the convenient delivery service.

Deciding to buy the front door, pay attention to the lock - it is no less important than the thickness of the metal. Usually, door manufacturers use 2 types of lock - a combination of lever and cylinder or monoblock.

Lever lock is a strong and reliable, rather massive, reliably protecting an entry doors with glass. The main elements of such a lock are lever plates, which must be at least 6.

Cylinder locks are often used as auxiliary because of their smaller sizes. The level of reliability they have depends on the number of pins in the cylinder: the more there are, the better the lock.

But the most reliable option is a monoblock - it is a single unit that combines two types of lock. Hacking it is much more difficult than lever and cylinder separately.

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