How to install a peephole in your front door

  1. How to install a peephole in your front door
  2. Peep hole installation tips
  3. Door peephole types
  4. How to install a peephole in a metal exterior door

How to install a peephole in your front door

Home safety is an urgent issue that worries many property owners. A thick and secure door does not always solve the security problems. After all, there are situations when the owner needs to know what happens behind the door and who is behind it. In this case, the easiest and most effective way to control the threshold is to install a door peephole.

how to install a peephole

What is an in-door viewer?
how to install a peepholeThis device helps to discern the visitors in the entryway without the need to open the door. It usually consists of:

  • casing orbarrel;
  • eyepiece/viewing scope to keep a lookout;
  • lens installed outside.

Each device has a minimum of two lenses and can be equipped with additional lenses to provide even more functionality.


Peep hole installation tips

There are several factors for the in-dhow to install a peepholeoor viewer installation process to be most effective.

To begin with, it is worth choosing the right front door viewer. The main parameter of choice is the viewing angle. The wider it is, the higher the safety level. It allows seeing not only the face of the visitor, but also the space around. The optimal angle is about 180 degrees. Quite often manufacturers produce devices with a viewing angle of 200 degrees to remove distortions at the borders.

An additional parameter determining the proper choice is the thickness of the door leaf. The correct selection of door peephole model depends on it:

  • standard (thickness is 1.18-2.16");
  • elongated (with door thickness of 2.16-3.94");
  • long (leaf thickness is 3.94" and more).

The most popular, standard viewers are suitable for most modern doors made of wood or metal.

TIP. Remember that if you insulate the leaf, then the standard length of the viewers may be not enough.

When buying non-standard peep hole for entry door pay special attention to optical characteristics. Otherwise, the incorrectly selected product will reduce the viewing angle and provide a poor visibility of people and objects.


Door peephole types

Because this small device is considered an integral part of the door, their assortment in the modern market is large.

how to install a peepholeStandard front door viewer is the simplest option that has a significant drawback - a small viewing angle. You are unlikely to see a person who is next to the door, and not in front of it. However, such a model is easy to install and has a small price.

The wide angle projection viewer is a modern optical instrument with a wide angle of view. The fisheye lens allows getting a wide-ranging picture of what is happening in front of the door.

Hidden peephole viewer usually looks like part of the finishing and trimming. It consists of a microscopic video camera mounted on an external door and a receiving device installed inside a house or apartment.

A bulletproof peephole helps to add more safety, and usually used in specialized doors.

Peephole periscope is popular among people with disabilities and families with children. This type of device includes the eyepiece and the objective lens located at different levels. The image is obtained through a system of mirrors placed inside the casing.

Digital door viewer. This device with a built-in small sized camera transfers the image to a monitor or TV. The image can be transmitted either on demand or permanently, in real time. Using this device you can get information about people who were near your threshold.

To date, the digital peephole is one of the most advanced electronic devices operated without your participation. If someone is at your front door, the motion sensor is activated. A special program sends the received information to the monitor and you can watch what is happening. At the same time, the recording mode is started.

 how to install a peephole 

How to install a peephole in a metal exterior door

Such a process can be carried out with the help of specialists and by your own strength (especially if you are installing a peephole in steel front door of the usual type). When installing electronic devices, it is recommended to contact the specialists.

For mounting, you need to drill a hole.

  • Select the place where it will be located, and make the marking. Stick the painter's tape to avoid damage of the trimming during the work.
  • Drill the hole for peephole on both sides. Its diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the door viewer.
  • The outer steel sheet must be bored from the outside. It helps to protect the coating and finish of the door itself.
  • Carefully remove the painter's tape.
  • Insert the peephole into the hole. Install the lens on the outside of the leaf, and screw the eyepiece tightly on the inside.

how to install a peephole how to install a peephole how to install a peephole
The installing in-door viewer in entry door is now complete.