Of late years moisture-resistant MDF interior doors have gained wide popularity among professional constructers and exacting customers. They are more damp-proof, easy to care for and have good resistance to mold. Such models don't deform with time and have a low cost.

Quality and profitable replacement of natural wood

Upscale moisture-resistant MDF doors have all the advantages of wood, but their price is much lower. They do not deform from humidity; they serve for years and are produced with different finishes. MDF panels differ from natural wood or chipboard by their characteristics. They are more durable, and because of the lower weight, these models are easy to install.

Such products are great for any premises. They provide ample opportunities in terms of finishing and decorative processing. Their versatility makes them suitable for any design and style - from classics and Provence to minimalism and high-tech.

Where to use moisture-resistant MDF doors?

Quality moisture resistant MDF interior doors in NJ and NYC are widely used in residential buildings and apartments, as well as office and public premises. They completely satisfy the most refined tastes of designers and hard-to-please consumers. A variety of shapes, colors and patterns allow decorating the interior, based on the desired characteristics of the room.

The Doors Depot offers moisture resistant MDF interior doors for home, which are designed for installation in rooms with high humidity. Models with quality coating retain their original appearance, even with long-term operation under such conditions. Therefore, you can use them for:

  • kitchen;
  • bathrooms;
  • home sauna.

This product is one of the most simple and affordable ways to organize such premises. They are ideal for installation in the kitchen. Due to moisture-proof properties, the leaf is able to cope with the regular effects of steam and condensation. Bathrooms cannot always boast good ventilation. Therefore, such doors with upscale coating will help to equip such a room up to the mark.

What is MDF?

MDF is a plate of medium density, obtained from a mixture of wood chips with special binders. For its production, high-quality wood is used, which is powdered to a fine-dispersed fraction. Lignin, which is released during strong heating, is a binding element. Therefore, MDF is quite ecological, because it is based mainly on natural materials. Then the plates are coated with special polymeric substances to achieve higher characteristics of strength.

Pros and cons of moisture-resistant MDF interior doors

Specialists and designers believe that exclusive moisture resistant MDF interior doors have practically no disadvantages. However, products made of MDF are inferior to wood in their resistance to impact. Among the advantages are:

  • good moisture resistance;
  • resistance to mold and fungi;
  • high durability;
  • plasticity and ease of processing;
  • long service life;
  • absence of formaldehyde resins that are harmful to health;
  • good sound insulation properties;
  • attractive appearance;
  • affordable cost.

Some experts recommend buying moisture resistant MDF interior doors, as MDF surpasses natural wood by mechanical parameters. And a long service life is provided due to the characteristics of the material itself. Among them, we can mention the strength and the preservation of form for a long time. A carefully dried and treated MDF plate is a qualitative basis for the functionality and durability.

Moisture resistance is a guarantee of no deformation of the door structure, which is caused by a change in the humidity level in the room. Don't be afraid that the material will swell from high humidity. Even prolonged exposure to steam cannot destroy them. Resistance to the occurrence of mold makes it possible to use such doors in "wet" rooms, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Damp-proof MDF is an easy-to-use material. It has high strength and durability. Despite the small thickness of the plates, they have excellent hardness. Their surface is uniform, fairly even and smooth, which ensures ease of processing. Moisture resistant MDF interior doors for sale are manufactured taking into account the necessary norms of ergonomics and quality. Also, such models are easy to install, so you will not have problems installing them.

Another advantage is the lack of formaldehyde resins in the structure, which have a negative impact on human health. Lignin, which is contained in the cells of the wood, takes the role of the bonding agent. Due to this, MDF can be called environmentally friendly material. It allows using such products in bedrooms and children's rooms.

Moisture resistant MDF panels have a high density. Due to this, the door leaf shows good properties for sound insulation and noise tightness. They keep the heat well and don't let the sounds through, thanks to the hollow cellular structure. And for even greater sound insulation, the sealant layer is laid along the entire perimeter of the box.

Presentable appearance is achieved through the use of quality materials and protective coatings. Smooth surface, resistant to negative external influences, provides visual beauty and easy care. In comparison with natural wood, moisture resistant MDF interior doors at online store have a lower and more affordable cost.