The installation of mirrored interior doors becomes a fashion trend in contemporary homes and apartments. This is accounted for their functionality and aesthetic properties. They can be found in classical rooms, and in the interiors of modern styles, such as high-tech and minimalism. Correctly selected models can change the space. Filling the room with additional light, they add piquancy to the room.

Varieties of mirrored interior doors and their features

According to the type of mirrors used, the interior doors with mirror insert can be divided into several main types:

  1. simple/usual;
  2. stained;
  3. satin (or matte).

The usual mirror is made on the basis of silver amalgam. They have a reflective surface without distortion and a long service life.

The stained (tinted) model is subjected to a decorative processing. For its production, manufacturers tone the glass itself, or use a colored coating (for example, bronze, gold, emerald).

Satin mirror is obtained as a result of a special treatment - sandblasting or chemical.

Designers are trying to create a truly unique product. They combine different types of mirrors and decorative processing. As a result of these combinations, the door becomes not just an element of decor, but a real work of art.

Material of manufacture

In the construction of mirrored interior doors in NYC and NJ, the frame and the base can be made of different materials. Most often, the frame is constructed of wood. It can be solid wood or its alternative - veneer or MDF. The steel/metal is much less common option, although it looks modern and stylish. The materials used are characterized by reliability and solidity. The mirror leaf is subjected to a hardening process, thus increasing its strength. You should not worry about its safety. Thanks to protective coatings, the safety is provided even in case of destruction.

Advantages and disadvantages of mirrored doors

Any product has the pros and cons during installing and operating. The advantages of such doors include the following parameters:

  • visual enlargement of space;
  • increase of the level of illumination;
  • electric power saving;
  • durable construction;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • lightness in the interior.

Due to reflective qualities, mirrored glass internal doors help to visually enlarge the space. In rooms with a large number of reflecting surfaces, an atmosphere of lightness and airiness is created. Multiple reflections of walls, floor coverings and furniture pieces add a unique style to the interior.

Mirrors are successfully applied to increase illumination in the premises. When installing interior doors with mirrors on walls opposite the windows, you achieve additional lighting of the room with direct and reflected sunlight. Besides, you can achieve significant savings when paying bills for electricity. Thanks to the reflective properties, you don't have to switch the light on in the evenings each time.

Even despite such a seemingly fragile material, these doors have a sturdy structure. In modern production, the mirrors are given a special impact resistance. With a strong impact, it does not crumble into pieces due to a protective film. You can easily repair the construction with the help of specialists.

Easy of cleaning allows installing the mirrored internal doors even in the kitchen. You can clean them the same way as those in bathroom or bedrooms. It is worth noting that matte or tinted models are less polluted. So such products requires even less care.

Among the shortcomings high cost should be mentioned, as the mirrored interior doors in USA are a luxury product. In addition, there may be some difficulties in installation. They are more fragile and heavy, so you need to fix them carefully.

Where to buy exclusive mirrored interior doors?

Prices for such products vary and depend on various factors. When buying mirrored interior doors online, pay attention to such parameters as:

  • complexity of structures;
  • the type and size of the mirror leaf;
  • presence of decor on the surface;
  • urgency of installation.

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