MDF Interior Doors

In today's market, MDF is one of the most common materials for making doors. It allows creating high-tech products that successfully compete with solid wood. MDF interior doors prices range from low to medium, so they are affordable to the majority of customers. So let's inquire into a question how to choose the right MDF interior door?

What are MDF panels? Construction of MDF interior doors

MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a wood plate that can have different thicknesses. It is made of wood fibers with a resin and wax used as a binder. Wood fibers are glued with paraffin or other material by pressure and high temperature.

MDF is one of the most general materials, which is widely used in the manufacture of furniture and interior doors in New York. It is popular due to its excellent properties and ease of operation. In addition, in the production process it can be given special properties: fire-resistance, water resistance and so on.

For extra strength, MDF interior doors for sale can be covered with various materials. The use of additional coatings gives them a luxurious appearance. It also provides amazing qualities and allows withstanding temperature changes and the effects of moisture. Usually for the coating the following materials are used:

  1. natural veneer made from high quality wood;
  2. eco-veneer or laminate;
  3. PVC film (usually based on melamine);
  4. enamel in several layers.

The MDF interior doors for home are always laminated. The varnish preserves the internal contents of the leaf and increases the wear resistance of the product.

Pros and cons of MDF interior doors

Let's discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of MDF interior doors in NYC and NJ. Technical characteristics make it easy to work with and achieve excellent performance in operation.

Advantages of best MDF interior doors:

  • lightweight construction;
  • no deformation under the influence of temperatures;
  • good ecological compatibility of the material;
  • resistance to humidity;
  • good sound absorption;
  • ease of treatment and care;
  • perfect aesthetic design;
  • variety of finishes and trimming;
  • low prices.

Disadvantages of MDF interior doors at online store:

  • relative fragility of the material;
  • low moisture resistance.

MDF is relatively fragile - thin low-quality panels will not withstand direct impact. Water can spoil such doors, as they absorb moisture and can swell. So this is not the best choice for spaces with high humidity like bathroom or kitchen.

How to avoid problems if you decide to buy MDF interior doors?

To avoid problems when buying MDF doors, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

When buying MDF interior doors in New Jersey, pay attention to the ends. They must be treated carefully and have no defects.

The product should be light. The light weight indicates that the fibers were well dried. It allows avoiding problems with increasing humidity, so the door will not swell.

Quality MDF interior doors should have a moisture resistance up to 60%. Typically, it is achieved by covering the leaf with a quality composition for protection against humidity.

Give preference to trust-worthy manufacturers with a good reputation. For example, on The Doors Depot website you can find high-grade MDF interior doors that comply with requirements of quality and safety.