Framed interior doors

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Solid, durable and respectable wood framed interior doors are very popular among buyers. They provide a long service life. They are characterized by good sound insulation from extraneous noises. Add this special model to your house or apartment, and you will get high functionality and aesthetic satisfaction.

Construction of framed interior doors

This product cannot be confused with other types of doors. It consists of a visible load-bearing frame and thin inserts - panels. In modern models, the inserts are not necessarily wooden.

  • Frame.The frame is made of combined materials or natural wood - solid or glued beams.
  • The panels. Thin inserts are usually made from a sheet of plywood or MDF slats. They are attached to the door leaf in a special way. The panel can be inserted into the prepared grooves in the frame, or fixed with decorative draft fillets.

Making the leaf more volumetric, the panels help the overall appearance look more stylish and original. They can be of different shapes, and therefore allow creating a model of any design. In The Doors Depot catalog you can always find paneled doors that fit any room and any color scheme.

What are the advantages of prehung framed doors?

Advantages of such models are indisputable. They are the following:

  • affordable price;
  • long term and quality of service;
  • ability to replace individual elements;
  • low weight, which is achieved by insertion of lighter materials;
  • no cracking of the leaf in contrast to a solid wood;
  • high decorative function.

When buying framed interior doors, you will not have any problems. Quality-manufactured product is not afraid of large temperature changes and high humidity.

Varieties of framed interior doors for home

Models from solid wood. The best framed interior doors are completely constructed of solid wood. This affects the time of its manufacture and its cost, because natural wood is an expensive product. At manufacturing only quality and carefully dried wood is used. Such product will last for many years being used properly.

Usually for greater strength of the structure the lower part of the frame is wider than the top and side parts. For the panels it's advisable to use a wood of the same kind for them. Then all elements of the leaf will respond equally to changes in temperature or humidity.

Combined framed interior doors in NYC and NJ. They consist of different materials, so their production is more difficult. For example, a leaf made of an inexpensive wood is covered with veneer or laminate. On both sides it can be covered with MDF or HDF panels to increase the resistance to temperature changes. The door can be supplemented with panels of MDF or other materials.

Due to the use of a paucity of fine wood in the structure, the cost of such items is much lower than usual. Models from combined materials are visually difficult to distinguish from framed interior doors for sale based on natural wood. The difference between them can be found by a real expert only. Therefore, this option is a high-quality and luxurious product at a lower price.

Additional options of paneling. The framed interior doors in USA can also be decorated with various finishing materials. For this purpose often use mirror inserts or glass - transparent, usual, matte or colored. Inserts can have any design and shape, and the leaf itself can be embellished with decorative elements. As you can see, paneled doors can have a diverse and individual appearance.