Bleached oak interior doors


Bleached oak is a magnificent color for decoration in a natural style. This color is perfect for modern apartments and country houses. Bleached oak interior doors are a new trend in interior design. They appeared not long ago, but have gained popularity among designers and exacting customers.

Using bleached oak interior doors: ideas and some advice

The premises with the best bleached oak interior doors are distinguished by their spaciousness and warmth. They create a feeling of tranquility, pleasant comfort and freshness.

Advantages of use. Bleached oak interior doors in NYC are ideal solution for modern houses and apartments. Their use makes the premises light and airy. This light restrained shade doesn't hide the space of narrow rooms, and therefore it will fit perfectly into modern homes.

Bleached oak interior doors will not disturb the harmony in the already formed room design. They will not overload the space with unnecessary details, but add tranquility and order. This is especially relevant in small and dark rooms. Thanks to its light hue, such models visually add lighting and space to the area.

The combination with the walls. It is worth considering that the bleached oak looks perfectly in light spaces, creating lightness and weightlessness. The natural oak perfectly harmonizes with the walls and the floor in pastel colors. Try using it with a neutral and warm color scheme - sand, beige, white shades. To give brightness and liveliness to the room, you can use bright accents. To achieve this, diversify the room with the bleached oak interior doors and bright features. Add juiciness by using violet, aquamarine, mint shades and cherry blossoms.

Versatility in the room design. Bleached oak interior doors for sale look coherent in both classical and modern rooms. Choose a traditional model with panels and carving details - and it will perfectly fit into the classic space. Veneered doors with glass inserts or steel platbands (or without decorative elements at all) complement the space in minimalism, loft or Art Nouveau style.

Materials for production of bleached oak interior doors

Currently, there are several of the most popular materials for manufacturing of bleached oak interior doors in USA:

  • solid wood;
  • MDF panels;
  • veneer / eco-veneer;
  • laminate.

Doors constructed of solid wood look very impressive, but have a high price. The solid wood is specially treated to bleach the wood fibers. The result is a product with an unusual color and a beautiful pattern of fibers. The bleached oak interior doors made of MDF panels visually look almost the same as those made of solid wood. The price is much lower, but they have excellent quality characteristics. In addition, MDF is more resistant to humidity and temperature changes, so this product will serve longer.

The quality bleached oak veneer interior doors show excellent decorative properties. For veneering, thin layers of wood with a unique pattern and texture are used. Therefore, the price for such models will be lower, but the visual effect is truly stunning.

Possessing an attractive beauty, the bleached oak internal doors give the person the opportunity to relax. They produce an atmosphere of minimalism and cozy simplicity in the room. The natural shade of such doors allows satisfying the easiness of nature itself, and creating a unique atmosphere in your home.