Mahogany Entry Doors

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How to make a home cozy, and add warmth to the interior? We advise you to pay attention to the mahogany entry doors. Their warm and saturated color is able to bring a peculiar flavor, warmth and sophistication to the premises.

Redwood (and mahogany in particular) is a symbol of luxury and chic. This splendid color is characterized by a prevalence of red and chestnut hues. However, the mahogany can vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, choosing the mahogany front doors for your house or apartment, remember that this interesting shade will not suit every interior. But if you choose the right color scheme for flooring and furniture, the result will surpass all the boldest expectations.

Advantages of mahogany entry doors

The texture of mahogany is flat and devoid of cavities. Due to this, it is wear-resistant and is easy to work with. Its reddish-brown color darkens with time. In polished condition, the wood gets a pleasant reddish flicker. These features make mahogany wood a favorite material for buying mahogany front doors and furniture.

Products made of redwood and mahogany in particular are characterized by the following advantages:

  • aesthetic beauty;
  • exquisite texture;
  • strength and durability;
  • high resistance to external mechanical influences;
  • good sound and thermal insulation;
  • compliance to processing.

Owing to these qualities, the mahogany exterior doors have a long service life and create comfort while using.

Distinctive features of mahogany color

The mahogany wood has a golden hue. After a while, as well as after treatment with special agents, it acquires a pleasant reddish shade. This shade varies depending on the species of trees. However, not all can afford to buy mahogany entry doors from natural wood. It is related with the rarity of the product and expensive cost. Therefore, manufacturers skillfully imitate the texture and color of such species.

How to recreate the mahogany color? For surface trimming, the mahogany hue is recreated by coloring the veneer of cheaper and more common species. For example, oak veneers are well suited for toning and coloring. And besides this, it is distinguished by naturalness, aesthetics and good wear resistance. Another way to imitate the mahogany color is the use of synthetic materials - eco veneer, laminate, PVC.

How to choose reliable mahogany entrance doors

To choose a quality model for a house or apartment, you need to be sure of its reliability. Good and trustworthy mahogany entry doors in USA meet several requirements:

  • the main quality is security and resistance to burglary - mechanical and intellectual;
  • the durability and strength of the entire structure and details are also important – the customer must be sure that the door doesn't become jammed, the lock doesn't break;
  • it must be protected from outside noise, drafts and cold (this is especially important for cold regions);
  • the product should please the eye and be aesthetically attractive.

At present time, most of the steel mahogany front doors in NJ are made using modern technologies and high-quality components. By the way, the products offered by The Doors Depot have the mentioned requirements and all quality certificates.

Materials used for mahogany front doors in NYC

For the production of reliable entrance doors, a sturdy construction consisting of steel sheets and stiffeners is used. The latter are metal bars, which are located vertically and horizontally along the perimeter of steel sheets. They provide additional protection and prevent burglary and unauthorized penetration. For noise reduction and thermal insulation mineral wool or foamed polyurethane is used. Sealing pad, adjacent to the leaf, won't allow anyone or anything to disturb your peace.

What about the covering of mahogany entry doors with sidelights? To create a beautiful visual appearance, steel sheets are lined with wood. Since mahogany is rare and very expensive, manufacturers offer models with veneered or other coatings that imitate mahogany.

The toned solid wood of cheaper price is covered with a veneer made of real mahogany. It conveys all the beauty of the texture and the color saturation. And since natural wood is used, the veneer provides the surface with strength. Contemporary models can also have different polymer coatings. The affordable mahogany front doors prices make it possible to choose them even with a small budget.