Inexpensive Front doors


The entrance door is designed to meet various requirements: durability, environmental friendliness, reliability, aesthetics, etc. The more requirements the product satisfies, the higher its cost. However, not every buyer is willing to pay a lot of money. Therefore, sooner or later the consumer asks the question where to buy cheap front door. To find them in USA is not a difficult task because there are enough models available on the market. Therefore, you need to know more about their characteristics to choose the best item.

What determines the price of the entrance doors?

Any expensive and cheap exterior doors have their own parameters, and each of them affects its price.

  • Overall design. It can be ordinary or exclusive.
  • Material of manufacture. Usually a natural wood is more expensive than its substitutes - MDF or veneer. Metal has an average price range. The combination of wood and steel, most often, has the highest cost, if it is not a question of valuable species.
  • The thickness of the material may vary depending on the purpose. The thicker the construction, the stronger it is. As a rule, inexpensive front doors have a smaller thickness.
  • Exterior trimming. The cost is higher if the finish is rich and luxurious. Veneer or MDF panels, paint or powder coatings are used for decor.
  • . The only rule - do not skimp on quality accessories like locks and hinges. Handles and other decorative elements are less important for reliability.
  • Heat insulation. The characteristics and number of layers also affect the cost. Despite the low cost, qualitative budget front doors also have good thermal insulation.

Therefore, the combination of various factors divide these products into different price categories: budget, mid and premium class.

Inexpensive entry doors: what to pay attention to when buying?

Since many consumers are interested in how to buy cheap front doors, let's determine what to pay attention to. More often among low priced goods, buyers are offered wood models. Metal goods are also a popular solution now.

When selecting, take notice of the following basic parameters:

  • durability of the material used;
  • thickness of steel sheets,
  • reliable locks,
  • insulating material,
  • strong hinges.

It is worth examining each of the parameters more comprehensively.

Cheap exterior doors for sale: distinctive features

Reliability. Even despite the small cost, a high-grade product will still provide the necessary durability. To ensure the safety, examine the manufacturer's quality certificate. Cheap entry doors manufactured at the factory in compliance with all safety requirements are a good option for protecting your home. A qualitatively constructed frame, smooth surfaces without distortions, strike plate, etc. characterize such models.

Thickness of the material. Speaking about this parameter, the attribute characteristics of the product must be considered. Most often, a metal model is made of two steel sheets 0.5-0.6 inches thick. These values are sufficient for protection. Some conscientious manufacturers provide even budget exterior doors with thick steel sheets.

Tip: remove the handle. Measure the thickness of the metal where the lock is inserted. When measuring, consider the paint layer.

Locking system. Intruders often pick the lock to penetrate a house or apartment. To ensure greater security, experts recommend installing at least two locks. Even the cheap front doors for sale by a trustworthy producer include a reliable locking system. Locks must guarantee the highest grade security (Grade 1). The burglary resistance grade depends on how long it takes the attacker to open the lock.

Insulating material. To determine the quality, you need to find out what type of filler is inside. Manufacturers use polyurethane foam, mineral wool or polystyrene foam in inexpensive exterior doors.

  • foam is an excellent solution for sound and thermal insulation. The porous and dense polymeric material holds its shape and retains warmth in the space.
  • Mineral wool reduces noise well and contributes to good heat preservation. However, over time it can begin to sag.
  • Polystyrene foam is not the best choice with respect to fire safety.

Experts consider the polyurethane foam is the optimal insulation.

Strong hinges. When choosing any cheap entrance doors, pay attention to the hinges. Despite their small size, they perform a huge role – the hinges carry the weight of the leaf. If they are weak or substandard, then the door will sag after a few months.

The last distinctive feature is the appearance. Inexpensive exterior doors in USA usually look simple and ordinary. If the beauty is unimportant for you, then you can just skip this point. However, if you are concerned about presentable external look, then there is always a solution. You can paint the surface in an interesting color or decorate the outer leaf with panels or a decorative film.

Where to buy a budget front entry door in New York?

You can buy budget front doors online or order them in showroom. Remember that even an inexpensive model can provide the necessary security. The main thing is to find a trustworthy producer. If you need a simple and durable product, browse The Doors Depot online store. There are exclusive or cheap entry doors for sale with a large selection of design options. Steel goods from the European manufacturer are equipped with reliable protection against burglary. It allows specialists to recommend such products to the owners of apartments or private houses.

Although the construction strength of cheap exterior doors in NYC is lower in comparison with expensive models, this is a good investment of money. After all, such a product with gentle handling and compliance with the operating conditions will not give you any problems.