Gray Oak Front Doors


The modern front door is not just a border between comfortable living quarters and the outside world. Due to characteristics, it's an essential element of the interior. With its help you can set the fashion of the inner rooms and the facade of the house or apartment. Many people avoid choosing gray shades. It is closely related with the common misconception that this color is boring and inexpressive. But if you look into this question, you will see that choosing the gray oak front doors will add charm to the existing settings. And that's why.

The color of the entrance door sets the harmony of the entire design composition. Cleverly selected shade helps to highlight key points in the interior. The gray oak front entry doors found online are truly a godsend for any space. Designers consider that it is the gray color that acts as a good background for other shades. Pastel hues become brighter, and vivid accents become even more succulent.

Why you need to buy gray oak entry doors?

Today the gray oak is at the peak of popularity. This is not only an evident favorite of recent years. Together with a brown and white color palette, the gray oak entry doors became classics. Due to their versatility and restraint, they are the basis for creating various designs. This shade meets in diverse interiors - classic, Provence, Chateau, loft and minimalism... A small tip - to make the design complete, add other details of gray hues to the interior.

The versatility of gray makes it an ideal solution for a home or apartment. The house is all-in-one structure, requiring integrity in its design. If you install the front doors in gray oak, the whole premise will acquire a peculiar charm. They have great functionality. On such surfaces, small scuffs and dust are not noticeable. They don't need to be constantly wiped or washed, and it simplifies the care, saving you time.

Construction of gray oak exterior doors: what material to choose?

Of course, when choosing a door you should pay attention not only to the exterior finishing. An important factor of selection is the protection and safety of housing. Therefore, manufacturers produce models from various modern materials for even greater reliability.

Construction of best gray oak front doors. Usually its structure consists of several elements. The leaf itself is a rectangular frame with several stiffeners. On both sides steel sheets are welded onto the frame. The space inside is filled with sound and heat insulation material. Polyurethane foam, mineral wool or polystyrene are used as fillers. Airproofing and good noise-suppressing characteristics are provided by means of a sealant. It is located in the contact area of ​​the leaf to provide protection against drafts and dust penetration.

Material selection. The inner part is covered with any material of your choice. The most popular materials for the production of gray oak front doors in NJ and NYC are:

  • natural solid wood;
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard);
  • veneer (thin decorative covering of fine wood).

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, models from a solid wood are luxurious and exquisite. They are reliable, durable, but have a heavy weight. Such products require special care - they don't like high humidity and temperature changes. Models made of MDF are cheaper than solid wood. But this doesn't affect their quality. For their production, wood chippings are used, which are treated in a special way. For lovers of naturalness, designers offer to buy veneered gray oak front doors. The surface of the leaf is covered with veneer - thin plates, which are glued under pressure. They have a low price, since they are made from cheaper materials.