Glazed Front Doors

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The original development of modern manufacturers, the glazed exterior doors work up a market with their popularity. An exquisite glass insert gives the facade of the house a special charm. It is difficult to achieve this interesting feature using ordinary models. However, many people have a question - is it safe to install front doors with glass panels?

Double glazed front doors belong to the class of elite products. Their main goal is to create a unique design in combination with functionality. Elegance of the construction and original design will not leave indifferent neither the owners of the house, or their guests.

7 advantages of glazed front doors for home

Entry doors with glass panels, despite their "fragility", have a number of preferences. Without considering the parameters of reliability and safety (which will be discussed below), such a product is the original decorative component. So what are their advantages? They:

  • are an amazing element of decor that can transform both the interior and the facade of the house;
  • demonstrate the exquisite taste and status of the owner;
  • visually "lighten" the construction of the door leaf;
  • make the appearance of the room more stylish, but at the same time "airy";
  • help to achieve additional lighting in small and dark spaces;
  • offer a wide variety of finishing (with forging, photo printing, toning, etc.);
  • fully meet all quality and safety standards.

Stylish combination of decorative function and reliable protection

Now, the modern glazed entrance doors are not just a protective element! This is an opportunity to transform the house, both inside and outside. Obviously, it should be made of quality materials with use of upscale fittings and accessories. After all, these parameters make the design memorable and help to harmonize the space.

Currently, the double glazed exterior doors meet most of the criteria of reliability and security. The glass used has high shockproof and fireproof properties. Stability to deformation under the influence of temperature differences is also a great advantage. Many types of glass are armored, and can withstand high loads when heated. In addition, the front entry doors with glass panels solve subconscious security issues. They are equipped with decorative forging and other elements to protect the premises from illegal intrusion.

Shop glazed entry doors on the TheDoorsDepot to favorably underline the status of your house. The presented models are characterized by unrivaled appearance, solid construction and long-lasting durability. And the use of quality fittings and locks from leading manufacturers provides the best protection for your home.

What should be taking into account when buying glazed front doors?

One of the main parameters for the glazed front doors in New York is the ability to withstand break-in. Modern production technologies guarantee the highest safety. High-strength steel sheets are used for the manufacture, which are paneled for greater strength with:

  1. wooden panels;
  2. MDF decorative panels;
  3. plastic inserts.

Characteristics of the materials used meet high safety requirements for any mechanical impact. For greater endurance, the leaf is powder coated, enameled or painted.

Correctly selected double glazed entrance doors completely transform the entire facade of the house. They are available to the modern buyer in the widest range of models, sizes and shapes. However, it is preferable to choose a model with matte glazing. It helps to hide the rooms from prying eyes.

Also keep in mind that contemporary production methods can manufacture front doors with glass inserts of non-standard dimensions. So do not worry that the model you like doesn't suit your home. Specialists in The Doors Depot will definitely give you a hint how to exactly choose a perfect model.

Having reviewed all the parameters, we can confidently say that the glazed entry doors are quite safe! The chief thing is to ensure the product comply with all requirements of reliability and security. And do not forget to inquire about quality certificates when buying.