Carved front doors


Even the widest range of modern doors cannot satisfy the exacting buyer. Therefore, exclusive models with non-standard decoration are much in demand nowadays. One of these exceptional categories is the carved front doors. Why they will be the most interesting solution for your home among all variety of exclusive models - read in the material below.

4 reasons why choose carved entry doors

If the time to change the door has come, then the hand carved front doors are an indubitably excellent solution. And that`s why:

  • this is an amazing combination of security, quality, aesthetic beauty and environmental friendliness;
  • decorating the leaf with carving makes from a regular model a true work of art;
  • carved exterior doors allow to realize the most unexpected design fantasies that satisfy both interior and exterior decor;
  • due to the visual appeal this product will add luxury and refinement to the space.

Carving is an amazing art that creates stunningly beautiful products. Therefore, if you buy carved entry doors, you will create a truly chic interior that attracts attention with its uniqueness and beauty.

Variety of carved front doors for homes for real aesthetes

Usually fretted ornaments are associated with a wood. A wood is one of the most popular materials for use in the manufacture of carved front doors for sale. In any interior it looks warm and noble, and perfectly harmonizes with any design decisions. However, modern technology allows performing not only woodcarving, but on other materials as well.

For aesthetes and connoisseurs of elegant design, you can find different models of carved exterior doors in New York:

  • with charming glass inserts;
  • models with embossing;
  • doors with wrought-iron grills;
  • made from different types of wood;
  • a combination of all options above.

The custom carved entry doors production and structure

The main criteria for selection and installation of the hand carved entry doors are reliable operation and durability. These parameters are ensured by the high quality of steel and other materials used in production. An important feature is the accuracy of manufacturing of the structure elements.

The frame of the hand carved entry doors consists of steel sheet and panels made of wood or its substitute. For greater durability, it is strengthened by a system of vertical and horizontal ribbed stiffeners. This peculiarity increases the strength of the leaf, and helps to withstand the loads and unwarranted intrusion. High structural strength is combined with a reliable locking system to avoid all possible negative factors.

Various accessories, ranging from handles to hinges, moldings and other elements, are specially developed by engineers and designers. In modern carved front entry doors, a multi-level protection system is often used.

To extend the life of the finished product, special protective coatings are used. They protect the leaf from the appearance of wood parasites, and also increase the resistance of the material to moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, you can be sure that the modern carved front entry doors will withstand any tests, from mechanical damages and abrasions to sharp weather changes and climatic features of your region.

Methods and variants of manufacturing carved entrance doors

Modern production technologies offer various options for manufacturing carved front doors in NYC:

Carving on the leaf. This is the most labor-intensive and long-term process, which requires the highest professionalism of the carver. At first a detailed fretwork drawing is created to avoid errors and defects. Then, the hand-drawn engraving pattern is transferred to the electronic drawing, and the carving itself begins.

Decor on the finished carved entrance doors. In this version, the decorative elements are cut out separately, and then superimposed on the already manufactured product.

Combined method. Sometimes, there is a need to combine both production methods. Then the finished carved entry doors for home are decorated with individual carvings.