Steel entry door in interior

  1. The role of original metal front doors in the interior
  2. Iron front door vs interior design
    1. Painting
    2. Decorative panels
    3. Additional decorative elements

Steel doors are an interesting and affordable option for protecting your home that combines reliability, strength and elegant look. They are found in private homes, apartments, country houses and even commercial offices. The original design becomes an integral part of such structures. After all, today's customer wants to get not just a piece of metal but a beautiful and unique product.

The role of original metal front doors in the interior

A person always cares about the safety of his/her home. Therefore, metal doors have become an absolute necessity for the protection of home, family members and property. If you choose steel exterior door for interior, remember two main points. They are more effective than other products in terms of service life and decor.

In recent years, such doors have strengthened their position in the market as the most reliable products. They have more advantages than wooden analogs. They are stronger, more durable, less exposed to natural phenomena. In addition to safety, the design of steel front doors provides a wide range of options for decorating the facade of the house and the interior.

Modern production technologies allow producing unusual metal exterior doors with great functionality. However, metal without special decor is unattractive. After all, the external and internal finish of the leaf should please the eye.

Iron front door vs interior design

To choose iron entry door for interior, you need to understand what advantages they have. Reliable iron models have become an important element in conditions of present time. They are made of high-quality steel with the required level of strength. Such models are resistant to mechanical influences and environmental phenomena. This is the most appropriate and suitable type for almost any home.

Beautiful unique steel entry doors look great in any space. Often, they are a key element of the facade and interior design. Manufacturers offer a variety of decorating, from painting to decoration with various panels. Each of the options has its own advantages and adds zest to the interior.


Metal has many possibilities for finishing. The simplest and most affordable option for steel front door finishing is painting. This method is achieved by applying a special varnished coating on the surface. This variant of the decor is ideal for external constructions, because provides resistance to changes in temperature and precipitation.

The choice of iron entry door color depends on the preferences of the house owner and the room style. Playing with color or texture will help the surface to retain an attractive appearance for a long time. Also available are options when the inner and outer door sides are painted in different colors, in order to fit in the interior and facade of the house.

Decorative panels

If you want to improve the appearance of steel exterior door, think about installing decorative panels. Typically, manufacturers use the finishes of a natural wood. The warm color will give a cool surface a cozier look. Often, the panels are mounted on the inside of the door, although there are options for exterior decoration.

The most common option is the unusual iron entry doors with MDF panels. They have a nice appearance and affordable price, due to a low cost of raw materials. Increased strength and good resistance to mechanical damage characterize this version of trimming.

Light or dark iron entry door in interior can be decorated with veneered panels. It will truly attract the attention of your guests. Such elements are made of MDF and then covered with veneer - thin plates of natural wood. It allows to give the surface a wooden look and at the same time save on the cost of natural material.

If the budget allows, it is possible to intensify the design of iron front doors by installing solid wood panels. Finishing of precious wood gives the surface an exclusive and respectable look.

Additional decorative elements

The manufacturers can intensify the design of wrought iron entry doors with various decorative details. The surface can be decorated with stained glass elements or tempered mirror. It gives the door a peculiar splendor and elegance. Forged wrought iron elements are also used for decoration. They perfectly complement the main material of the leaf. For a more interesting design, it is possible to use a combination of different decor. For example, manufacturer can use the veneered panels and paint them in a more interesting color.