Popular styles of interior doors


A modern concept of the room design implies that all objects in the interior should be in harmony. Interior doors play an essential part in the perception of the overall design. What style available on the market to choose? Let's find out about the most popular styles of interior doors.

 Popular styles of interior doors

Hi-tech & contemporary

Hi-tech doors with modern industrial-inspired design are one of the most popular. Such contemporary doors are distinguished by the absence of decorative elements along with the simplicity of lines. Complete with geometric shapes, they use glass, steel, plastic and unfinished wood that are associated with industrial use. The surfaces are either matte or glossy. The colors vary from natural shades to metallic tones. Door accessories feature simple forms with no excessive decorations. It is unlikely that you find intricate ways of processing and an abundance of decorative ornaments.

 Popular styles of interior doors

Traditional & classic

Doors in a classical style will be always a timeless solution for different interiors. They are characterized by elegance of forms and pleasing ornaments. Their symmetry is adorned with quiet and muted colors, predominantly of wood tones. One of the advantages of traditional interior doors is the use of natural materials. They are constructed from valuable wood species (oak, mahogany, cherry, etc.) or less expensive MDF covered with a fine-grained veneer.

The popularity of classic doors among buyers remains unchanged. They harmoniously fit into the interiors in Baroque, traditional, Scandinavian, modern and other styles. The carefully chosen model will easily make the room light and attractive.


Popular styles of interior doors

French Country & Provence

This style is of French origin, so country and Provence inspired interior doors will fit into both elegant and rustic-like rooms. Such products feature a warm and relaxed feel with an old-world flair. They are great for traditional and casual-inspired interiors. However, they also fit into a minimalistic interior to add originality and vitality.

Smooth lines and subdued tones perfectly complement the restrained ornaments. Frosted glass inserts and aged wood can be found as well. The use of natural materials and light shades (beige, white, ivory, pale blue) characterize French Country and Provence designed doors.

 Minimalism & Scandinavian Popular styles of interior doors

Scandinavian design is perhaps the most popular style. Representing the ethnic traditions of the North, it is characterized by simplicity and geometry. The doors with minimalism and Scandinavian design in mind feature strict lines and light colors. You will find no curved lines, moldings or decorative elements.

Such products are often constructed from natural materials and high-quality substitutes. Veneered models are a perfect (yet economical) alternative to solid wood doors. Made of wood or veneer, they look durable and solid. Scandinavian-inspired interior doors usually come in light and muted shades. The excellent options are doors in bleached oak, white ash or vanilla. Such models fit well into minimalist and contemporary spaces.

There are other styles of interior doors like Craftsman, baroque, art deco, Japanese, etc. However, the designs listed above are in high demand. What door style is your favorite?