Popular materials of interior doors in the US


Speaking about the functions of interior doors makes no sense; everybody knows about their purpose. The materials used for their construction and the characteristics they have is another thing.

Nowadays, manufacturers use a variety of materials in the interior doors manufacturing. Among them are:

  • solid wood;
  • veneer;
  • MDF;
  • glass;
  • mirror;
  • plastic.

The popular material for the production of entry and interior doors is surely a wood. To emphasize the wood texture, the finished doors are varnished. Conscientious manufacturers use special substances to prevent fiber damage. The price of wooden interior doors directly depends on a kind of wood used. Valuable types have a higher cost.

  • The doors from solid wood are the most valuable and prestigious. High-quality wood (walnut, mahogany, oak, etc) is used for their production. Beautiful appearance, durability, and strength are among the advantages.
    However, solid wood doors are heavy weighted. Its weight puts pressure on the hinges. As a result, the replacement of the hinges or even the door leaf is required. Insufficient surface preparation and treatment are also among the risks when buying. Poorly manufactured products can be deformed due to natural phenomena or mechanical influences. They may warp in dry space or swell in a humid room.
Popular materials of interior doors in the US
  • The veneer adds a luxurious appearance to space like wood products. Made from a thin section of wood, veneered interior doors have a natural texture. The construction is made of MDF and other low-weight materials to reduce the weight. Therefore, such products are free from the drawbacks of solid wood, caused by its heaviness. The low weight of veneered doors prevents sagging and deformation, without affecting their sound insulation.
Popular materials of interior doors in the US
  • Wood substitutes (for example MDF) are another popular material for interior doors. The finished product is treated with protective compounds. Manufacturers use lamination or cover the surface with veneer for an appealing look. The essential advantage is an affordable price. However, MDF is fragile; it may not withstand heavy shocks. Avoid installing such doors in rooms with high humidity. Luckily, there are moisture-resistant MDF interior doors that can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens.
Popular materials of interior doors in the US

Innovative materials such as mirror, glass and plastic are not widespread for the production of the interior doors. Although hi-tech spaces actively use such products. Glazed doors and models with mirror visually expand the room, while creating lightness. They increase the illumination of space (and consequently save energy) due to the material properties. Among their shortcomings are fragility and a high cost

Popular materials of interior doors in the US


Each of the materials has its benefits and disadvantages. So, the decision depends only on you. Where to buy attractive interior doors? The Doors Depot offers you a wide range of interior doors at an affordable price. The doors are manufactured using European technologies. Beautiful and reliable, they will become a worthy decoration for your home or apartment.