Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges

  1. Exterior door maintenance

  2. Maintenance of door hinges

  3. Door lock maintenance


Timely front door maintenance ensures long and smooth operation of all its mechanisms. Follow the entry doors usage recommendations to ensure trouble-free operation of locks, hinges and the door as a whole.

Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges

Exterior door maintenance

No matter how quality and expensive your door is. If you do not carry out the proper maintenance, it will fail quickly. Thus:

  • inspect the door (frame and lining) periodically;
  • check the correct operation of locks, hinges and hardware;
  • clean the door leaf and box regularly;
  • lubricate the hinges and tighten the fasteners;
  • protect the slab and finishing with a protective film during the repair.

If you find any problems or defects, we recommend contacting a specialist. However, sometimes consumers are not able to contact a locksmith. So let's see how to solve the problems on your own.


Maintenance of door hinges

Hinges are small, but an important element of the door construction. They withstand the weight of the door leaf and help the slab to open and close easily. However, the door leaf may sag, and the hinges start to creak over time. This annoying sound really irritates. Moreover, squeaky door hinges rub against each other; this leads to their rapid deterioration and destruction.

Cleaning and lubrication are basic steps to fix squeaky door hinges. It is necessary to grease them with special mineral or graphite lubricants at least once every 6 months.

Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges

Tip! If possible, use a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.

Before applying, carefully inspect the hinges for rust or other dirt. Remove them if necessary. How to lubricate door hinges? Spray lubricant on them. If the product is liquid, squirt the grease out of a syringe drop by drop. Do not rush - the substance must thoroughly penetrate into the mechanism. After a few minutes, close and open the door several times.

Tip! Be careful. Prepare clean cloth or rags to remove excess.

As a rule, lubrication of hinges does not cause problems. However, if you remove the door leaf, you can do it better. As you see, periodic maintenance is the best way to stop door hinges from squeaking.


Door lock maintenance

Check the state of the locking mechanisms so that they reliably protect you and your property. Door lock maintenance ensures a smooth uninterrupted operation of the locking system and the door as a whole. Such procedure is simple and does not take much time.

Lubrication is an important factor that provides the necessary door lock functions. Grease all rubbing surfaces of the locking mechanisms on average once every 6 months.

Spray a small amount of lubricant into the keyway. Insert the key without turning it. Wipe off the dirt that sticks after removing the key. Repeat the action several times. For better lubricant penetration and smooth running of the mechanism, spray some more lubricant into the cylinder. Turn the key several times to spread the grease. This procedure is the main action for door lock maintenance.

                         Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges Maintenance and lubrication of front door locks and hinges

Repairmen and door locksmiths recommend avoiding oil-based greases. Graphite lubricants can be used, but Teflon and dry lubricants are much more reliable and easier to use.


Timely front door maintenance, regular cleaning, lubrication of mechanisms will significantly prolong their service life.