Interior doors: care and maintenance tips

  1. Natural wood

  2. Wood veneer

  3. Laminate/CPL

  4. Main tips to properly care for your interior doors


New door is surely the final touch of any interior. However, interior doors require proper care if you want them to keep the presentable look over time. How to properly care and maintain for your doors? Find out maintenance tips and recommendations in this article.


Natural wood

Interior doors care and maintenance tips

Dainty interior doors made of solid wood are considered products of premium grade. Due to the high quality and natural characteristics, they last for decades. Observe the following rules to keep their attractiveness throughout the service life:

  • wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth;Interior doors care and maintenance tips
  • never use abrasives or household chemicals;
  • use special detergents to remove stains and dirt.

TIP! As an alternative option, you can use 10% alcoholic solution.

One of the main recommendations for care and maintenance is protection of the door from mechanical damage.

Solid wood is very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, it begins to expand, swell and crack. Sometimes splits may appear on wood doors even in rooms with low humidity. If it happens, use only special furniture wax to repair the cracks.


Wood veneer

Interior doors care and maintenance tips

Any interior doors with natural veneer require a special approach. What is a veneer? It is a thin decorative layer of fine wood. Therefore, experts recommend wiping it with soft and dry cloth, for example microfiber.

It is desirable to use wax-based furniture polishes. This improves the appearance and extends the life of veneered doors. In addition, furniture polishes with a high content of wax allow hiding scratches and small cracks that appear on the door leaf with the lapse of time.

Do not use abrasives and brushes with stiff bristles. They damage the surface of a natural veneer.

TIP! Carry out regular maintenance of the veneer door to avoid its dirtying and soiling.



Interior doors care and maintenance tips

Modern CPL interior doors are distinguished by durability and water-resistance. CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminates) is a multilayer material made from natural wood fibers and synthetic binder, subjected to continuous pressing. It imitates the texture and color of valuable woods. Increased resistance to abrasion characterizes the material.

Due to the absence of pores in the structure, laminate does not absorb impurities. Therefore, such doors are not susceptible to moderate humidity. They require quite simple care - wipe the door leaf regularly with a damp cloth or sponge. You can use any detergents and household cleansers.


Main tips to properly care for your interior doors

  • Wipe the door regularly to avoid excessive impurities. Do not wait for the dirt to absorb into the structure of the material.

  • Pay attention to the accessories - wipe the door fittings as well. Clean them regularly to remove dirt and avoid staining. Do not forget to lubricate creaky parts and pull up the loosened elements.

    Interior doors care and maintenance tips

  • Cover the doors (and furniture pieces as well) with polyethylene film during the repair. It does not spoil their appearance.

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