How to select the best door handles

  1. How to choose entry door handles: basic criteria
  2. Choosing exterior door handles: a variety of types and models
  3. How to choose entry door handles: manufacturing materials
  4. How to buy the best door handles

The door handle not only helps in opening and closing the door, but also creates a certain chic in the overall design. However, not all buyers know how to choose door handles. A modern range of accessories offers a huge variety of types, materials, models and sizes to get confused. However, knowing the basic classification and characteristics of these mechanisms, you can choose a great option at an affordable price.

How to select the best door handles


How to choose entry door handles: basic criteria

When choosing a door handle there are certain nuances you need to pay attention. Specialists advise to:

  • take into account the load applied to the handle - the flimsy fittings will quickly become unusable if it is used on a massive products;
  • check the quality and reliability of the structure: check the coating, material and availability of scratches, chips and other defects);
  • choose handles that match the style of the door and the overall interior to avoid dissonance;
  • take into account the location of the doors and the functional purpose of the rooms: select the same models for closely located rooms;
  • assess whether the chosen model is pleasant to the touch, because you will have to use this item every day;
  • pay attention to the color combination of the handle with the lock and the hinges.


Choosing exterior door handles: a variety of types and models

When selecting entry door handles, take notice of the type of accessories. Today the most common types are the following.

How to select the best door handles

Lever latch door handles are considered one of the most popular models. If your choose door handles of this type you get simple but reliable mechanism that allows the door to close tightly, with minimal effort. They are easy to use, because it requires only one press of the lever to open it. They are well suited for interior and entrance models. Such products are less likely to fail.

The main mechanism is a latch driven by pressing the lever handle. In this case, the latch is hidden and the door opens. When the lever is lowered, the latch holds the door not allowing it to open.

How to select the best door handles


Pull door handles are the simplest version but they are rarely used at present. Pull the handle to open the door. The advantage of such stationary models is that they are independent of the lock. If this product is a key-operated, you need to turn the key in the keyhole. Mounting of this type of accessories is not difficult - they are attached to the leaf using screws.

How to select the best door handlesDoorknobs are generally used in interior doors. They are similar to lever latch models, and the opening and closing mechanism is built into the handle itself. Just turn the knob clockwise to open the door. It automatically returns to original position and closes after you release the handle.

Such products are considered safer - it is practically impossible to injure yourself with their round or oval shape. However, they may be less handy to use since you cannot turn the handle without grasping it with the hand.


How to choose entry door handles: manufacturing materials

Door handles are made from a variety of materials divided into several categories:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Keep in mind that the design, performance and durability of the handle directly depend on the materials quality.


How to select the best door handles

Models made of wood are pleasant to the touch and have a respectable look. Their cost depends on the use of valuable or cheaper wood species. Internal mechanisms are usually constructed from metal, and the wood is covered with layers of varnish for protection.


How to select the best door handles

Metal door handles are the most reliable and wearproof. Metal is commonly used for the production of most door accessories. The most relevant are stainless steel, brass, bronze, silumin, as well as alloys of zinc and copper. The surface of metal products is often covered with nickel or chrome. Stainless steel products are considered the most wear-resistant, while brass is the most acceptable option because of its durability and certain softness.

How to select the best door handlesPlastic handles have low cost, but are a short-lived option. They can imitate glass surface or metal with evaporation.

How to select the best door handlesGlass is not often used for handles production because of its high price and fragility of the material. However, such products look elegant and presentable.


Technologies of modern manufacturing allow different combinations of these materials. They can be complemented with decorative elements like stones, natural leather, rhinestone and more. To make the product more durable, manufacturers use special coatings that enhance aesthetics and provide a pleasing appearance.


How to buy the best door handles

To get the most worthy product, you should notice several recommendations.

Assess the chosen model for the parameters of durability when buying entry door handlesets. Pay attention to the design features, ergonomics and strength of the coating.

Specify the device lock - it can be available with a handle or mounted separately.

Consider the function of the handle. Think about features this accessory will perform. Is it important for you to have a locking mechanism? Or is it enough good operational capability? The functions performed affect the configuration of a particular product.

The appearance is an important factor if you select door handles. Its design has an influence on how harmoniously it fits into the overall interior of your house.

Buy a more expensive and high-quality model. Because of permanent contact, poor-quality coating is worn out and spoils the appearance of the entire door.

How to select the best door handles