How to maintain glazed doors

  1. Glass surface careHow to maintain glazed doors

  2. How to clean the glazed doors

  3. Regular maintenance

Modern interiors are full of doors made of glass or featuring glazed elements. They have become a fashionable trend. Such products do not afraid of moisture and high temperatures. They do not hamper light penetration into the rooms. Moreover, originally looking doors offer a novel take on the usual design. A universal material, glass harmoniously combines with any interior both contemporary and classic. So, how to properly maintain glazed doors?


Glass surface care

Many owners do not know exactly how to care for such products. Many of us think that the usual wipe of the surface with a duster is enough. That's a wrong opinion. In situations of intense dirtying, thorough cleaning is required. However, do not overdo the frequent washing of the glass surface.

Glazed doors maintenance depends on the type of glass. There are several most common types.

How to maintain glazed doors

Ordinary glass. You can use white vinegar and water if your door contains an ordinary transparent glass. Alternatively, you can use the dishwashing detergents to remove the greasy spots (like the touch of fingers).

Stained glass. This multicolored material requires particular care as it is manufactured using special technologies. Read the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Frosted glass. The doors with such types of glazing should be cleaned with a mild soapy solution. Use damp cloth; the dripping wet cloth may damage the surface.


How to clean the glazed doors

How to maintain glazed doors How to maintain glazed doors

These useful tips will keep the doors with glass inserts clean.

  • Use special detergents when cleaning glass surfaces. They often contain ammonia spirit that easily removes greasy spots.
  • Avoid using any products with abrasives! They are not suitable for this material because they scratch the surface.
  • Use only a soft cloth or sponge for glazing maintenance.
  • Never rub the surface if you do now want to damage it.
  • Try to replace commercial detergents with domestic cleanser. For example, wipe the glass with a small amount of ammonia spirit mixed with water. It will shine like a new.


Regular maintenance

How to maintain glazed doors

Do not forget about the periodical care for doors with glass inserts. Timely and regular cleaning will help to extend their service life. It is recommended to maintain glazed doors once a week.

Apply special cleaning agents to the surface with spray diffuser, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Clean the glass with a damp cloth without large fibers. They may stick to the glass or a protective film.

The owners often forget to wipe the hinges and handles. Use non-aggressive detergents and a soft cloth for their cleaning. Lubricate the hinges regularly to avoid creaking and wear.

If you regularly clean the glazed doors, they will function properly and will not lose their attractiveness.