How to hang garland & wreath on front door

  1. How to hang wreath on front door: different means
  2. How to put garland around the front door?
  3. How to hang garland on different front doors
  4. A few tips how to hang garland around front door

Beautiful Christmas wreath and garlands gives the house a festive New Year atmosphere. Such decorations are an important attribute of winter holidays, and fill the house with joy from the threshold. However, to hang garland on entry door is very delicate issue. The surface of the door can be made of various materials. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an individual method of attachment for each coating.

How to hang wreath on front door: different means

You can hang garland on exterior door in a variety of ways. The most well-known and common options are sticking with adhesive tape, hanging and fastening with nails or thumbtacks. However, there are a couple of interesting ways, which we will consider below.

Christmas Door DecorationMethod # 1. If the wreath has a light weight, then it can be glued with a double-sided adhesive tape. Attach the tape to the back of the decoration, and then press it to the door. However, keep in mind that removing adhesive tape from the surface can be difficult.

Method # 2. How to hang wreath on entrance door? You can use a thread, a fishing line or a thin wire of approximately 20-25 inches long. Tie one end to the decorative piece, and reel the second one on the peephole.

Method # 3. For this way you need a beautiful satin or lace ribbon of 60-80 inches long. Tie one end of the ribbon to the handle on the inside of the door. Throw the other end over the top of the door, and attach the decoration to it. For more strength, you can fix it tightly on the surface with an adhesive tape. Decorate part of the ribbon inside the room with New Year's toys and tinsel.

Method # 4. Suction hooks, which are often used in bathrooms, can become an excellent helper. They allow hanging a Christmas wreath or fastening garlands. For metal doors, you can use a magnetic holder.

Method # 5. This technique of hanging wreath on exterior door is the most radical of all. If you are ready for extreme measures, you can hammer a decorated nail into a door. You can also screw a hook to the door surface, and hang a decoration on it. For greater strength, you can additionally use wire.


Damage caused by the use of nails or brackets are the most common situations. Therefore, these options should be avoided. Otherwise your door would be covered with chips and cracks. And this in turn can lead to the fact that moisture would permeate into these cracks and cause rotting of the surface.

How to put garland around the front door?

Christmas wreaths and garlands of real fir branches will create an additional festive atmosphere. Do not be afraid to use artificial embellishment when decorating your door - they naturalistically imitate real coniferous branches. When choosing this decorative element, pay attention to the elements of the decor. Coniferous garlands covered with snow brighten up the dark surfaces of the doors. Fir cones, berries, electric lights, woven into a coniferous branch, create a charming atmosphere of the holiday.

To answer the question how to put garland around the front entry door, we can say that all of the methods mentioned above are suitable. However, the best way to attach the garlands to the front door is to use an adhesive tape. Easy to use, they will not damage the surface of the door. If there are traces of glue after the detachment, they can be easily removed with the help of warm water.

How to hang garland on different front doors

Steel doors

Very often people ask how to hang garland around metal exterior door? All techniques considered are quite appropriate. But the most convenient option is to use a suction hook. Simply glue this hook to the door and fasten the decoration it on.

Wooden doors

How to secure garland around front door without damaging the wooden door? As we have already said, nails or thumbtacks can damage the wooden surface. Therefore, the simplest and safest way to attach such a decoration to a wooden door is a Scotch tape. The only disadvantage of this method is the subsequent removal of the dried particles of glue from the door. However, you can easily remove it using warm water or a special solvent. The only thing when choosing a solvent, make sure that it is gentle to the material from which your door is made.

A few tips how to hang garland around front door

Depending on the materials used for manufacturing, the wreaths and garlands can have different sizes.

Be sure to measure the size of the door and the decoration itself. Otherwise, it may turn out that the garland or wreath is too small and almost invisible against a background of your double door. Or it will be too large for the door leaf, and you will constantly graze it when entering or leaving the home.

When attaching, the weight of the decoration itself is very important. The manner of fastening directly depends on how heavy this decorative element is.