How to decorate entry doors: ideas and ornaments

  1. Ideas to decorate front doors
  2. How to decorate steel front door
  3. Original decoration for front doors
  4. Additional means to decorate exterior doors

The door embellishment is required not only after moving or on holidays. Be original! Come up with your own design or use our ideas for the best decor for front doors.

Owing to the fact that the door surface is large enough, you can use different decorations for front doors, which occupy a large area. It can be letter monograms, inscriptions, wreaths, garlands and pendants of various kinds. However, avoid the unnecessary load on the leaf and keep away from heavy elements. Also, make sure that embellishments do not prevent from easy opening and closing.

Ideas to decorate front doors

Speaking of modern decoration of entrance doors, the use of minimalistic ornamental details is usually required. It can be:

  • chalkboard signs and drawings;
  • temporary painting;
  • posters or paper wallpaper;
  • fabric with different patterns;

If you want to use luxurious decoration for entry doors, take advantage of the following ideas:

  • cover the surface with expensive cloth;
  • cover it with a patina;
  • add mirrors or stained glass;
  • use decoupage (paper cut-outs).

If the matter concerns budget decoration for exterior doors, it is worth considering various wreaths from flowers, branches, tapes, balloons or Christmas-tree toys. Almost all these variants are an affordable and interesting solution. In addition, a luminous electric garland will be an attractive and enchanting option. It gives the door a mysterious or romantic look.

How to decorate steel front door

Some people are wondering how to decorate steel front door? Despite the fact that the metal provides high reliability and protection, it has a small drawback - a low aesthetic level. Usually a metal product of an affordable price range has an ordinary and boring look. However, it's not a problem. You can always embellish it to turn a simple steel model into an elegant work of art. In addition to the use of panels and decorative material for exterior doors, it is possible to use:

  • magnets for metal surfaces;
  • screen printing and stenciling;
  • vinyl stickers.

Any of these methods is not expensive, but make your door interesting and unusual.

Original decoration for front doors

Sometimes simple solutions are boring. Therefore, it is worth deciding for fundamental changes. You can always choose the front doors creative decoration that makes your home truly unique and exclusive.

Add rivets and nail heads. It is an interesting way to give the room a vintage flair or Bohemian style. You can embellish the door leaf with rows of rivets, nail heads or beads in a certain or chaotic order.

The doorway design. An excellent solution to improve the design of exterior doors is to ornament the doorway. You can attach ornamental details to casing or even paint the space around the frame.

Mosaic drawing. It can be made from glass, veneer, ceramics or other materials. Elements should be attached to the degreased surface with glue or liquid nails. You need to consider the layout in advance to obtain an accurate result.

Decoration with fillet. Fillet or baguette is a carved or smooth bar for making frames and cornices. You can choose a concept that fits the already existing interior. For example, add a few fillets to the door and insert the framed pictures inside. This will give an unusual flair to the interior.

Additional means to decorate exterior doors

Sometimes it is required to adorn home to a certain holiday to create a festal atmosphere. In such cases, you can use various materials to decorate entry door and create a special embellishment. Removable design can be changed depending on the upcoming holiday and the time of year.

Create the spirit of Christmas and New Year holiday with Christmas wreaths, ribbons with cones, bows and New-Year tree toys.

On Valentine's Day, you can make a makeshift curtain consisting of hearts. Cut out differently sized hearts from fabric or cardboard and hang them on long strands on the door itself or around it.

The entry door decor ideas for fall are a wonderful way to add liveliness to an overcast rainy day. You can use simple and elegant ornaments, such as:

  • a magnificent wreath of autumn berries;
  • small orange pumpkins and chrysanthemum flowers;
  • chaplet of yellow, red and orange fallen leaves;
  • a garland of pine cones and sunflowers.

Spring atmosphere is easy to achieve by decorating the door with seasonal flowers. You can put them in a vase and attach to the surface. Moreover, you can weave fresh or artificial flowers into a garland.

Easter decor for entrance door includes Easter wreaths from rods and twigs. You can enliven the design using a basket with adorned eggs in nests or figures of bunnies.

Ideas for entry door ornament are excessive. The main thing is to decide on the changes and choose the design that suits your own home.